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Meat Free Day

One simple way of reducing the amount of meat you eat is by nominating a Meat Free Day one day each week.

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The idea of a meat-free day came from the Meat Free Monday campaign gaining traction in America. It has supporters around the world, from individuals and faith communities to whole cities - such as Ghent in Belgium!

ARRCC is in the process of producing a series of materials to help you encourage people to have at least one Meat Free Day per week. We would love our members and supporters to encourage their places of worship to adopt a Meat Free Day as a whole faith community. We are also encouraging faith communities to have Meat Free Meals as part of their religious gatherings and conferences. More information and materials will be available over the coming months!

Do you have examples of Meat Free Meals or Meat Free Days in your home or place of worship? Then please contact us to share your story! News

Meat Free Day in the News

Meat Free Day and vegetarianism in general is beginning to get noticed! Check out the following recent coverage:

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