Peaceful Protests

Peaceful protests

There are various types of peaceful public protest actions, ranging from prayer vigils to rallies to blockades and anywhere in between. ARRCC members and friends have participated in a number of these. The most recent example is the People's Climate Marches for which ARRCC members helped organise faith-based participation.

These are an important element in the communication tool-kit for people who care about global warming. Peaceful protests have a way of drawing the public's attention to an issue because the media is always interested in new ways for stories to be told.

Banner for faith sector visble at People's Climate March, Melbourne


Light for Lima prayer vigil, December 2014

While few would have difficulties with legal marches and rallies, the question of civil disobedience is more controversial. Certainly ARRCC does not condone the breaking of the law.

At times, however, individual ARRCC members have chosen, in good conscience, to challenge environmental injustices.

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