Adani contractors

The pressure on Adani's contractors is working. We have ways of getting involved that work even during COVID conditions. You only need a few people in order to make it effective too!

The main thing is to check out our guide to faith-based contractor actions


Build your team

The most important thing is building a small team of people who will organise the event. There's no need to do it all yourself! Can you think of one, two or three people from your faith community who would be willing to help? Talk to them. Let them know you need their help in making this a success.


Find a contractor near you

We're currently prioritising Marsh Insurance brokers, Lloyds and Samsung.



Marsh is an insurance broker that is trying to find an insurer for Adani. They have their headquarters in New York and have offices around Australia and the USA. 


Marsh has already come under significant community pressure to part ways with Adani, with a Marsh staff member saying to the media in relation to Adani “colleagues are concerned about where Marsh stands on climate change and what we represent” (Sydney Morning Herald, June 2020). In response to this Marsh have released a set of Client Engagement Principles


Let’s ask Marsh to apply their Client Engagement Principles, to review their relationship with Adani's coal project, and then end it.



Lloyds is an insurance marketplace made up of multiple insurers. Lloyds have admitted to Market Forces that some of the insurers in their marketplace are currently providing insurance to Adani for this mine project. At the moment it is not known which of the individual insurers in the Lloyds marketplace are insuring Adani’s mine project.  This is being investigated.

Lloyds  have their headquarters in London as do many of their constituent individual insurers. Lloyds has one office in Australia which is in Sydney.


Let’s ask Lloyds to publicly rule out any insurance and reinsurance services for the Carmichael coal project, including the railway line and other associated infrastructure and also to publicly rule out any insurance and reinsurance services for the Adani Group, its Australian subsidiaries, and any other subsidiaries listed on the Global Coal Exit List (www.coalexit.org).



When thinking about stopping a coal mine it’s not immediately apparent what a company like Samsung would have to do with it. However, they are a key player when it comes to Adani’s finances.

There are two reasons for targeting Samsung:

First, Samsung is  likely to be considering lending money to Adani this year. In November this year a loan of around $180m from Westpac and Commbank will come to term. Adani may well approach Samsung for this loan as they have lent to Adani in the past. 

Second, Samsung is considering refinancing a loan of $208m USD due in 2024


Start asking people to get involved

Once you've got your team and you know which contractor you're going to talk to, get the team to start asking people to turn up on the day. You might also invite them to a sign-painting session (see below) so that you're all prepared and to build up the buzz ahead of time. 

The most effective thing is asking individuals directly. Emails are OK, but actual conversations, either face-to-face or over the phone, make the most difference. It's worth dividing up who you're each going to talk to. 

You can always contact people from other congregations as well. There's no need to limit it to just your own. Get creative. Who could you ask? As long as they're people of faith, that's fine. 


Get any permissions you need

Do you need to speak with the faith leader from your community, or an organising committee of some kind? If so, do try to get them on board early on. If possible, see if they will attend on the day - don't worry if they'd rather not come themselves. All you need is a few people of faith, with or without a religious leader. If, on the other hand, your local faith leader does come to the action, please ask him or her to wear formal religious attire. 


Let the contractor know you're coming

Do contact the contractor with as much advance notice as possible to let them know what you're planning. Let them know you're people of faith and that you'll be contacting the media. 

Let them know as well that if they publicly announce that they will no longer do business with Adani you will call the action off. 

See if you can arrange a face-to-face meeting with a company representative in the lead-up to the action to discuss your concerns about them doing business with Adani. 


Get the media interested

Do contact your local paper and radio station ahead of time to let them know you're planning this action. For help with doing this, please have a look at our media guide.


Signs and t-shirts

It's essential to be visible as people of faith for your action to have the best effect. So, please do wear clothing and/or carry signs that make this clear. 

You may wish to ask people participating to meet to paint signs a week or so before the action. Why not paint the name of your local place of worship on one sign? Get creative with what you write!

If you don't have an ARRCC t-shirt, you can order them here.


Remember to listen

Do take the time to chat with staff members from the contractor organisation and to listen to what they have to say. They may pass on valuable information about how they and others inside the company feel and what effect the pressure is having. If you hear anything of note, please pass this on to tejopala@arrcc.org.au


Pray, mediate or sing!

You may just wish to hand out flyers and talk to people, but nothing shows that you're there as people of faith like praying, meditating or singing.  

If you choose to pray or meditate, do make sure that not everyone does that and that a few people are also talking with people and handing out flyers, as communication is an essential part of a successful action. 


Take photos and videos and post them on Facebook

On the day of the action, do remember to take photos on videos and to post them on Facebook. Photos of people meditating or praying, photos of signs and t-shirts, as well as videos of people singing are particularly helpful.

If your place of worship has a Facebook page that they're happy for you to post on, please post on that. You'll need to get admin rights to the page ahead of time. Otherwise, just post it as normal as a personal Facebook post - but please remember to mention the name of your congregation in the post. 

Check out our social media guide for tips and tricks to help you do these things. 


Tag the ARRCC Facebook page

Whenever you post something on Facebook about your action, please remember to tag the ARRCC Facebook page so that we can share it too. You just need to start typing your post as you normally would and type the word '@Australian Religious Response to Climate Change' into the body of the text. It should prompt you with the name of our page as you do so. Hit 'enter' and you'll tag our page. 

Do remember to tag the people in the photos, too. Check out the social media guide for help with this.


Tell us about it

Please do let us know your plans as you go along. If you get any response from the contractor organisation we would love to hear that too. And do let us know how the event goes on the day. Please email our community organiser, Tejopala Rawls, on tejopala@arrcc.org.au