Adani contractors

Right now the pressure is on Lloyds of London, where Adani hopes to find an insurer. People of faith can put the moral case for ruling out working on this mine project more clearly than most. We can make a real difference.

We know for a fact that the pressure on companies and contractors associated with Adani is working. To date more than 65 companies have ruled out working with them.


Lloyds insurance companies

Lloyd's of London is not like other insurers. It operates as as a marketplace, where dozens of insurance companies all vie for business and share risk. It’s also famous as a place of last resort: where companies can find coverage for things that no one else will insure. And they charge handsomely for the privilege. Lloyd's have admitted to Market Forces that some of the insurers in their marketplace are currently providing insurance to Adani for this mine project.

Already two members of the Lloyd’s marketplace have backed out of negotiations to insure Adani - just at the mere threat of a campaign being waged against them.

At the moment it is not known which of the individual insurers in the Lloyd's marketplace are insuring Adani’s Carmichael Project.  This is being investigated. There is a very small group of remaining insurers in the Lloyds marketplace that have yet to rule out working with Adani. There is a huge grassroots movement that is working on this. Here's how we can be most effective as people of faith.


Contacting CEOs and decision makers

We're asking people of faith to contact key decision makers at these insurers.  You can do this very easily.

First, here is the list of the remaining insurers with both email addresses and phone numbers for key decision makers. How you contact these people is up to you.


All the numbers are UK numbers. The Stop Adani movement is asking people to sign up to specific time slots to call these insurers. You can choose your time slot here. The idea is to call the UK when their offices are open.

Here is a document with the suggestions as to what you may wish to say as a person of faith when calling.

If you'd prefer to have the confidence boost of doing this with someone else, why not ask a friend to do this with you and be your phone buddy? You can book in to call at the same time and then call each other to check in on how you're getting on.


You may prefer to send an email. Simply use the same list of the remaining insurers and send them an email. Here is a sample version that you can adapt to say something that is authentic to you.


Old-fashioned letters

Paper letters get opened more than emails ever do. All of these companies are in the UK. At the moment it takes weeks and weeks to send a letter there. However, many of us have friends and family over there. Why not ask someone you know to send a letter? Again, here is the list.


Asking others from your faith community to join you

The best thing you can do is to ask a few other people from your faith community to get involved. Can you think of one or two people who feel strongly about the climate emergency?

You can always contact people from other congregations as well. There's no need to limit it to just your own. Get creative. Who could you ask? As long as they're people of faith, that's fine. Do ask them to join the Zoom Party.


For those thinking of using Twitter

You may also want to contact these companies on Twitter. If you do, here are a couple of very useful videos. This one explains how to set up a Twitter account and this one provides a step-by-step tutorial to tweeting at contractors.