Ask the PM to protect the Pacific via climate action

Up-date: A win! Well done, everyone who wrote to the PM so far! On 5 December, the PM made public that he intends to announce at the UN Summit that Australia will not be using "carry-over credits" from the Kyoto Protocol! Keep this in mind when you write to the PM about the other ways in which Australia should be stepping up .......

On Tuesday 1 December 2020, a number of high-profile Pacific leaders sent an open letter to Australian PM Scott Morrison, urging him to ensure that Australia meets its international climate commitments ahead of the upcoming United Nations Climate Ambition Summit on 12 December 2020.

Click here to read the open letter published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 1 December 2020.

Will you support the call of leaders across the Pacific and email Scott Morrison to tell him why you care about the climate crisis and what action you want him to take ahead of the UN Climate Summit on 12 December 2020?

Use the template email prepared by the Pacific Calling Partnership to reach out to Scott Morrison and support our Pacific neighbours.

This is their form letter to the PM. Please use your own words, and start with acknowledging the step the PM has taken in dropping the use of carry-over credits.

With the international expectation that nations will come to the Climate Ambition Summit with new and scaled up commitments to reduce their emissions, Australia intends to offer no higher Nationally Determined Contributions (targets) than it's had on the table for some years.

This is an important moment and we need your help. Thank you for your support.


The Morrison Government says repeatedly that they are going to "meet and beat" Australia's commitments under the Paris Accord. Recently Mr Morrison claimed that his Government has a "policy of overachieving" on its commitments.

It is good that the PM acknowledges that these goals are worthwhile, but there are numerous problems with the public claims:

1. Australia's emissions reduction targets and climate-related policies are considered by objective analysts to be among the least ambitious of comparable wealthy countries.

2. Emissions have fallen this year because of COVID, the drought and the influx of renewable energy and not because of sound federal government policy.

3. The federal government has been relying on the anticipated use of so-called "credits" carried over from the Kyoto Protocol period, even though these are not legitimate under the Paris Accord. They were gained through accounting irregularities in the first place and are widely considered to be "cheating" among other Parties to the Paris Accord. 

Similar to the asks in the Pacific Islands leaders' letter, ARRCC's demands are:

A. Cancelling the use of Kyoto "carry-over credits".

B. A target of net zero emissions by 2030 and carbon emissions reduction policies to match.

C. Post-COVID economic stimulus spending on a renewables-led recovery rather than a gas-led recovery.

Please write your own words as much as possible when using the Pacific Calling Partnership's form letter to the PM.