Conference Program



Friday night – Welcome, spirituality and introductions

4 .00 pm Conference participants arrive to a welcome from organisers, registration, people choose workshops

5.30 pm Dinner, starting with “Kiddush” to welcome the Shabbat

6.30 pm Welcome, Welcome to country – Uncle Wally Bell

6.50 pm Facilitator: Introduction to Conference

7.05 pm Rev Dr Stephen Pickard welcomes people to conference

7.15 pm Multi-faith prayer/meditation

7.45 pm How Aboriginal spirituality informs the work of protecting country

8.10 pm Discussion

8.15 pm Structured exercise to celebrate Conference participants’ actions to address climate change

Close 9.00 pm

Saturday morning – Climate emergency and focusing on the political process

Goal: Educate and motivate ARRCC members and groups to act on the climate emergency 

9.00 am Prayer/meditation 

9.10 am Facilitator: Purpose and outline of the day

9.15 am Framing the issue: The science and the call to action - Prof Lesley Hughes

9.45 am Community responses to the science in two religious traditions

  1. Assoc Prof Mehmet Ozalp - Muslim tradition
  2. Dr Miriam Pepper - Christian tradition

10.45 am Morning tea

11.15 am Panel of Lesley, Miriam, Mehmet and questions

11.45 am James Whelan – Creating a powerful faith network to tackle the climate emergency

Key tools in effective community organising

How might ARRCC make the most of its strengths and opportunities?

Small group, then large group discussion


Invitation to make suggestions to ARRCC

Saturday afternoon – ARRCC campaigns, and positive stories from local leaders

Goal: Empower people of diverse faiths to act together by learning from each other’s experience

1.30 pm Celebrating positive stories around ARRCC campaigns from grassroots local leaders (1 hour, 15 mins)

Each workshop begins with prayer/meditation time

People from various parts of Australia present workshops on initiatives which have been, in some ways, successful. The presentations will include learnings as well as a celebration of what was achieved.

Planned topics

  • Chris Hill - Mercy Sisters’ divesting from fossil fuels
  • Alex Sangster - Stories of nonviolence from the frontline
  • ARRCC Queensland reflects on the triumphs and struggles of establishing a local multi-faith climate action network
  • More …..

2.50 pm Afternoon tea

3.20 pm Small group reports and synthesis of morning discussion about strengths and opportunities

3.50 pm Presentation to the group as a large gathering on main current ARRCC campaigns

  1. Faith communities’ footprints work
  2. Stop Adani/no new coal

4.50 pm Individual reflection on potential contributions to ARRCC campaigns

Small group discussion

5.20 pm Wrap up

Dinner 6.00 pm

One or two inspirational or entertaining speakers

Piano performance by Dr Douglas Simper

Sunday morning: Skills workshops, listening to inspirational speakers

9.00 am Prayer/meditation time 

9.10 am Facilitator: Outline of the day

9.12 am One or two inspirational speakers - school climate strikers

9.30 am People disperse to their workshop locations.

9.35 Concurrent skills workshops (1 hour, 25 mins)

Goal: effective political organising capacity 

11 am Morning tea

11.15 am Inspirational speaker, regarding maintaining hope

11.30 Small group discussion on specific suggestions to ARRCC made by conference participants

12.10 Feedback session

12.30 pm Lunch

Sunday afternoon: Where to from here?

1.30 pm – Prayer/Meditation

Goal: More local activists and groups working together towards ARRCC goals  

1.35 pm   Personal and group action plans 

1.40 pm Personal reflection on what has been learned and next steps

1.45 pm   Small group discussion among affinity groups: Next steps in collaboration with others, exercising leadership. 

2.45 pm Feedback, Summing up session

3.15 pm Group photo

3.30 pm Close