Earth Centre Stage: Nurturing a warm-up to daily ecological consciousness with Margie Abbott rsm

This experiential retreat will include poetry; image; art; music; and action woven into times of solitude; guided meditation and prayer. Nurturing ‘warm-up’ fosters spontaneity, avoiding a sense of ‘frozenness’, or ecological ‘fatigue’. 

With experiences in education, spirituality, theology, and counselling, as well as psychodrama, Margie values highly inner independence and capacity development. She integrates action methods, myth, creation centred spirituality and ritual to enhance her work.

Margie’s private practice “Igniting Sparks” typifies Margie’s commitment to work with, light up, and enliven people’s lives. In her private practice she works extensively with school systems, leadership teams, retreats and eco spirituality.

Margie Abbott RSM is based in Geelong and loves the wonder of the evolving universe story; creation and Celtic spirituality; and the Divine Feminine. Margie allowed herself to be a “pilgrim”, treading consciously during Enrichment Leave in 2015 and brings to this retreat her rich experience. Margie is on the Earthsong Council. 

“Margie’s energy and zest for creativity is mind-blowing. Her retreats are always fresh, surprising and help you to think differently about everyday things. Her deep connection with Earth is apparent in all she teaches.” 


When: Friday 20th - 22nd May, 2016 Where:Rahamim Ecology Centre

34 Busby St, South Bathurst

NSW 2795

Time: 5.30pm Friday - 1.30pm Sunday

Price: $250 for weekend retreat inclusive of meals, accommodation and workshops

Spaces limited! 

(02) 63329950

[email protected] 

May 20, 2016 at 5:30pm - May 23, 2016
Rahamim Ecology Centre
34 Busby St
South Bathurst, NSW 2795