Inform Your Faith Community

Letting people in your faith community know what they can do to reduce climate change can enrich the group and widen the circle of people taking action.

Climate scientist Prof David Karoly speaks to people of faith in Melbourne

There are a variety of creative ways you can engage your faith community in climate change action. Suggestions include:

  • Encourage your spiritual leader to speak to the faith community about climate change at your worship meetings
  • Offer to give a short presentation or talk about climate change during a worship meeting
  • Invite a guest speaker to talk to your faith community about climate change. We may be able to help you find a speaker.

  • Hold a special climate change event – maybe you could watch one of the documentaries that have been produced recently, such as This Changes Everything, Black Hole or 2 Degrees - followed by a discussion session.
  • Encourage your faith community to do an 'energy audit' and switch your place of worship to GreenPower. Then actively encourage your faith community to take these steps in their homes.
  • Let other faith communities in your area know what you have done and inspire them to do likewise. 
  • Why not share your story by making your own YouTube video

ARRCC is keen to support people taking action in their local faith communities - so please contact us if you would like help in implementing on of the ideas above (or one of your own!)

ARRCC's Climate Action Kits also have a great resource called Steps2Sustainability which is about taking your faith community on a journey.