Labor should block Adani – for all our sakes

While the Australian Labor Party is clearly more in favour of effective climate action that the Coalition, the Party has a long way to go when it comes to coal mining. In the SMH on 8 Feb, Chris Bowen is reported to have said that Labor would not block the mine if it wins office. Mr Bowen is a very influential person in the Shadow Cabinet, being Shadow Treasurer. Let’s let him know this is ethically unacceptable!

Mr Burke is also an influential person being Shadow Member for the Environment and Water. He is known to hold similar views as those of Mr Bowen. He also says that he doesn’t hear much from his constituents about Adani’s Carmichael Project.

As people of faith, it’s not right that we remain silent. Silence is taken as consent. Let us make sure our elected representatives do hear from us on these issues!

Please write to Mr Bowen. If your local MP is Labor, you have the opportunity to let her/him know your views too.

You are invited to edit the text. If you write your own words, the letter is more likely to be seen as authentically representing your views. Together, we can make a difference!