Dear Prime Minister

All over Australia, people of faith are writing letters to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking for serious climate action - hundreds of us. Will you join us?

We will present the letters to his office in one large stack to the Prime Minister. We will, of course, invite the media.


The difference this will make

This year is crucial. Not only is it the lead-up to the most important global climate negotiations held (COP26) since Paris, our Prime Minister is getting international pressure from the UK, the USA and others to stop blocking international progress and start getting Australia to pull its weight. It's also the lead-up to a federal election.

One thing we can achieve by writing hundreds of letters is to show that people of faith care deeply about this crisis and that concern about it cannot be dismissed as something 'mainstream' people don't care about. We very definitely do! We can show that the Prime Minister needs to act now if he's to avoid being out of touch with everyday Australians.


Building the buzz in your faith community

We're asking you not only to write a letter yourself but to ask others in your faith community or congregation to do the same thing. Writing letters is a great way to get the ball rolling in your congregation even if only a few people join you. You don't need everyone - just a few people in each place of worship really adds up. And you'll be part of a national event, too!

Paper letters get read

Research shows that old-fashioned hand-written letters to politicians are much more likely to get read than emails, so it's well worth the effort.


How to go about it

Here is a guide to writing the letters and asking others to join you.


This is one tactic - the main game follows

This is just one part of a Year of Action where people of faith are making our voices heard at a critical moment. Join us and have a look at the other things we've got planned!