Money for Good not Bad

Let's make sure that money is being used to build the world we want. We can do this with our own money and we can tell our MP that we want money that is being spent on economic stimulus to be used for good as well.

Option One - your own money

It's easy to contact our bank and let them know we want them to honour our values and invest in renewable energy and not in coal, oil or gas. 

Please take one minute to fill out this simple form on the Market Forces website and this will send an email to your bank putting them on notice that this is what you want. You'll also receive an email with a guide to help you through the process of switching banks, if this is what you choose to do.

Option Two - how the Government spends money

Right now the federal Government is spending enormous sums of money on economic stimulus due to the coronavirus. Whether this money is spent on coal and gas or solar and wind will make a huge difference for years to come. 

It only takes a minute to send an email to your MP letting them know that as a person of faith you want them to make sure public money goes on building the future we all need, not on destroying that future.