NCCA letter to PM before COP26

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Dear Prime Minister,

Greetings of peace anew.

I am writing following an international planning workshop in preparation for the November Glasgow Climate Change Conference-UNCOP 26. My planning partners are an inter-faith group and I am participating with representatives of the Anglican Communion of churches and the World Council of Churches.

With our ongoing discussions in mind, can I urge you to bring forward the announcements you plan to make ahead of the November Glasgow Climate Change Conference-UNCOP 26?

Can I urge that you include an Australian announcement not only to match that of the many nations already committing to net zero emissions by 2050, but also make vivid our commitment to real zero emissions asap?

There are three reasons for urging you to make an immediate and ambitious announcement.

1. UNCOP 26 may be our last chance to save our planet. It cannot fail if we are to prevent catastrophe. We must finalise the Paris Agreement in full. This requires nations to scale up the ambition of their contribution. “Nationally Determined Contributions” (NDCs) must lift if we are to create a sustainable future.

2. By announcing Australia's generous and ambitious NDC, you can inspire others to be more ambitious. In humankind's history, what does it take for us to make powerful and right decisions that bring greater safety and well-being? Always the answer to this question includes, doesn’t it, inspirational leaders? Leaders, that is, who help people reimagine what is possible and then inspire life-giving change.

3. The leadership of President Joe Biden is already proving inspirational. By returning the US to the Paris Agreement and making his Summit commitments, he has restored some hope. In agreeing to stand as President at his age is an act of noble generosity. We have so needed experienced and value-based international leadership! As a trusted ally and because he is right about greater climate ambition, we need to support him.

I faithfully urge you to make a humble and generous immediate announcement as to how Australia will help ensure UNCOP 26 is the success it must be.

With the assurance of my prayers,

Bishop Philip Huggins

President, National Council of Churches in Australia


Member Churches

Anglican Church
Antiochian Orthodox Church
Armenian Apostolic Church
Assyrian Church of the East
Chinese Methodist Church
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