E-news after US election

Most of us who care about justice and protecting the earth have been dealt a great blow with the outcome of the US election. There’s no doubt about it, this is a dreadful setback for action on climate change at a political level. It’s not the only level at which action can happen, but it’s an important one. As human beings we need to allow ourselves a time of mourning, of sitting quietly with this new reality. Many of us will need to bring our pain to the Supreme, life-generative Being in whom we believe, and we will pray for healing, for ourselves and for all those who will now suffer even more.

e-news November 2016

Dear members and friends

We can be thankful that the international community has now ratified the Paris Accord, even if Australia has been left behind. This milestone was passed earlier than generally expected and in time for the COP22 climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco. If you haven’t yet done so, please add your voice to an interfaith call for various forms of concrete action to urgently reduce global emissions, by signing the petition and joining the social media campaign. 

eNews October 2016

Welcome to our new look newsletter, which is better integrated into our new website. As always, we have good news, bad news and actions and events you can be involved in. Good news has come in the form of BP pulling out of oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight and Victoria’s ban on unconventional gas mining. However, the Federal Government’s reaction to the storms in South Australia and the Palaszczuk Government fast-tracking the Carmichael coal mine by declaring it  “critical infrastructure”, show Australian governments still have no idea of the urgency of the need to act on climate change.

It looks like we, the community, will have to lead our governments, by our actions and by our persistence in challenging them to do better. Keeping reading for ideas on how you can help.

Save ARENA and Upcoming Events across Australia

We are right now seeing dozens of faith communities across Australasia and the Pacific join #Pray For Our Pacific Sabbath, in response to a call to prayer from Christian Pacific Islanders in 350.org Pacific. Thank you to all those who have initiated Pray For Our Pacific in their own faith community or area, and those who promoted the idea. It’s caught on in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, PNG, Canada, USA, etc, even Germany. See the 350.org video clip featuring Maria and Jill from the Pacific Calling Partnership here.