Queensland election - climate action scorecard

Scorecard per kind courtesy of Solar Citizens

Want to understand where the different political Parties stand on climate-related issues before the Queensland election on October 31st? Solar Citizens has kindly provided ARRCC with a trusted assessment of how to understand the various Parties' policies. It is gratefully received. 

We in ARRCC believe that people of faith have a responsibility to vote for candidates whose policies are compassionate, fair towards those who are marginalised and respectful of the earth's planetary limits. We who have inherited a life-giving, stable climate, have a moral duty to protect it for future generations.

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Queensland Votes

Queensland pre-poll centres are open and many are voting early. Before you vote, please consider where the candidates stand on the protecting the environment and responding positively to the Climate Challenge.

The Solar Citizens Team have provided information to help us cast our vote for the Common Good and the good of the planet.

Vote for the Common Good and for Care of the planet!


The Solar Citizens Team

The Solar Citizens Team has prepared a scorecard showing the clear divide between where political parties sit on powering our state with clean and affordable renewable energy – and voters should be armed with the facts.

We don’t have much time to get the scorecard in front of as many Queenslanders as possible. Will you help inform voters by sharing our scorecard far and wide? Click here to share on Facebook, or you can share it on Twitter or via email.

The Solar Citizens Team reports

Together, our community campaign has seen the Queensland Labor Government announce $645 million for more renewable energy projects and transmission infrastructure. They are also underwriting initial investment costs for the vital CopperString 2.0 project which will unlock some of North Queensland’s best solar and wind resources. Success! 

But our meetings with the Liberal National Party have been less fruitful. They are still planning to scrap Queensland’s 50% Renewable Energy Target – a move that will risk 12,000 clean energy jobs.

Meanwhile, the Greens have unveiled an exciting plan for rolling out household solar, going 100% renewable and turbocharging clean energy manufacturing right here.

Many voters decide who they’re voting for at the polling booth, so it’s critical that we spread the facts so they can make an informed decision. Will you help by sharing our scorecard on Facebook – nowadays social media is a key source of information for voters.

This year has been a tough one, but solar citizens around our state have still been out there holding our politicians to account. We’ve been noticed and we’re making a difference.

For sunshine every time, 
Steph for the Solar Citizens team.