Writings and Reflections on climate change

Islam and the Environment

Islam and the Environment

Serap is 19, a Muslim and lives in the electorate of Wollongong NSW. This is a reflection she submitted for ARRCC's 2012 Youth Embassy.


The Sun is squashing us

A personal reflection by Caley, for ARRCC's 2012 Youth Climate Embassy

Caley is 18 and a Christian. She lives in the Macquarie electorate in NSW.

Let's power the world

Song Lyrics to Power the World written by Terese Corkish, featured at ARRCC's 2012 Youth Climate Embassy

Terese is 18 and is Catholic. She is from the electorate of Reid in Western Sydney.



Climate change and us

A Christian, theological reflection by Daniel Nelson, for ARRCC's 2012 Youth Climate Embassy

Daniel is 23 and lives in the electorate of Parramatta in NSW. He works at the Institute for Advancing Community Engagement at the Australian Catholic University.




Death, Taxes and Climate Change

Suchita shares her thoughts on climate change policy, for ARRCC's 2012 Youth Embassy

Suchita Pota is 20 years old, Hindu, and lives in Canberra.



Tobias Neville at the Interfaith Forum on Intergenerational Justice

Tobias shared his thoughts at ARRCC's Interfaith Forum on Intergenerational Justice, part of ARRCC's Youth Embassy, on Thursday  28th June 2012

Tobias Neville is a Christian and lives in Canberra.