Repower Worship

We have a responsibility to care for our planet, and our religious and spiritual practices can have an impact. Repower Worship aims to lighten the ecological footprint of faith communities by assisting them to reduce the emissions of their place of worship. 

A large amount of the pollution causing climate change in Australia comes from the energy we use. Burning coal, gas and oil to create electricity and power our homes is contributing to the climate crisis. Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries on earth. We can be powered by 100% renewable energy and minimise our contribution to climate change.

Repowering Worship  can begin this transformation in your community. We worked with AYCC to produce a guide to help faith communities to switch their electricity over to GreenPower, undertake energy audits on their buildings and investigate possible small-scale renewable energy options such as solar power.

A Repower Worship event is a fundraiser that raises money to switch your place of worship to renewable energy. Just imagine the impact on your area's politician and the thousands who read about your Repower Worship event in the local paper, after you've successfully switched your place of worship to renewable energy.

Check out the Repower Worship guide
Repower Worship