Signs outside places of worship

Do you want your faith community to show your concern about the climate emergency and the need to stop coal? The best thing you can do is to put up a sign outside your place of worship between now and the upcoming federal election.


Here's how to go about it - two options

  1. Order a sign ready-made

    Just complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch with you very shortly to explain the ordering process. Please select the $20 delivery option, as this gets the sign delivered in 1 to 3 business days, meaning it will be up for longer!

    They each come in two sizes - 76cm x 183cm and 76cm x 305cm. There are ten options in total. Here are some examples. 

  2. Make your own

    Please make sure your message shows your opposition to coal - and preferably the Adani mine in particular or at Galilee Basin mining generally. 

    The wording could be “Climate Emergency. No Galilee Basin coal mines” or “Vote climate. Stop Adani” or “Emergency action for climate. Stop Adani.” 

    If your'e considering making your own sign, please let us know by emailing rjhdawlings@gmail.com.


Back-up option - take a group photo

Alternatively, a small group in the community could be photographed with a sign, and this could go on social media at the time suggested.

More information can be found here.


Once you've got your sign

  • Put your sign up outside your place of worship in as visible a location as you can manage

  • Send photos of it to tejopala@arrcc.org.au - try to frame the shot so that the sign uses up most of the frame and see if you can make it obvious that the sign is outside a place of worship

  • Post about it on the Facebook page for your place of worship

  • Use the hashtag #NoFaithInCoal

  • Include the link www.arrcc.org.au/signs in your post so that other faith communities know where to go if they want to get involved and do the same thing!

  • Tag people in your congregation in your post who would appreciate being associated with it

  • Tag the ARRCC Facebook page with the tag @ARRCC

  • Email tejopala@arrcc.org.au to let us know when you've shared it