Signs Of Faith

Banners for Sacred People, Sacred Earth events

It's fun to paint your own banners and placards, and they express what your group feels passionate about. For people wanting something more professional and there's enough time (allow two weeks' delivery) here are some high resolution templates. Ordering using Vistaprint is one low-cost option. Click on the image you prefer and you can save the template to your PC.

Note that ARRCC won't directly facilitate this, but the process Vistaprint offers on their website is quite straightforward.

How to do it

  1. Click on one of the designs above and download it to your computer

  2. Go to https://www.vistaprint.com.au/signs-posters/banners/vinyl-banners

  3. Choose the style of banner you want and upload the image

  4. Pay for it. Before about March 2nd you'll need to choose the Express delivery option if ordering. (It will be a bit late after that.)

  5. Put it up when it arrives

  6. Take a photo of the sign on March 11 and post it on social media with the hashtags #SacredPeopleSacredEarth and #Faiths4Climate




Why display a sign? 

By displaying a sign or banner you:

  • Demonstrate your faith community’s support to address climate change 
  • Communicate directly with and encourage your local community
  • Show that your faith community values care for people and care for the Earth and is engaging with pressing issues that have implications for the wellbeing of us all
  • Express solidarity with those who are most affected by climate change – first peoples; people in areas affected by fires and other extreme events, drought and floods; people living in poverty; young people
  • Encourage other faith communities to also display a sign 


What else can we do to take action on climate change? 

Here are some ideas and resources to help you: