Steps 2 Sustainability

A practical way for faith communities to turn concern into action.

Steps2Sustainability provides a pathway to action which faith communities can either follow in order, or skip to where you want to go.

Steps0 horizontal

How to inviting people from your community to form a group to work together.

Step1 S2S

Ways to get your faith community interested in hearing and talking about climate change.

Step2 S2S

Practical steps for tackling your place of worship's climate impacts.

Step3 S2S

Ideas to reduce your community's impacts in their own homes.

Step4 S2S

Ways to encourage the wider community to get involved.

Step5 S2S

How to campaign for effective climate change policies.

  Steps 2 Sustainability
Continuing the journey

The Steps2Sustainability program is about an ongoing, lifelong journey for your faith community. It’s not a linear process or a program with a finite end, but we hope you will continue to keep cycling through these steps, learning together and being transformed as a community and individually. 

The benefits of living sustainably are endless, but the risks of not doing so include potentially catastrophic consequences, which are already beginning to be felt, especially by the most vulnerable across the globe. We hope that it will become the natural way of life for your faith community to integrate thinking about sustainability in all your decisions collectively and individually. We also hope that you will find your relationships with the earth, each other and your spiritual beliefs revitalised and enriched along the way. The future of our planet and future generations depends on this renewed way of living – but so does the spiritual, physical and environmental health of our current generation. We’re sure the journey will be a rich one for you as you get into the different aspects of sustainability, and we look forward to hearing from you about it along the way.