ARRCC held an online multi-faith service in support of the online Climate Strike on May 15th. MC'd by Rev. Alex Sangster, people who shared prayers, reflections and chants included Dr Dierdre Palmer, President of the Uniting Church, Brooke Prentis, CEO of Common Grace and Waka Waka woman, and Swami Dr Shailesh Diwedi at a Hindu Temple in Canberra. Feedback from the event was very positive.

Although the content below relates to the Strike on May 15, ARRCC will be supporting further student initiatives in 2020 and beyond. If you like to be included, please sign up here: https://www.arrcc.org.au/strike_signup

The next climate strike on May 15 is happening online

Let's make sure we support it as people of faith. The best way we can do this is to ask a few others in our own faith communities to get involved. Even if we each only ask a couple of people it will make a huge difference.

  1. Getting your faith community involved

  2. Multi faith service for the climate

  3. Support the strike on social media

  4. Official statements of support welcome!

  5. Join the main school strike live stream

Getting your faith community involved

Please click here and fill out the form and we will send you a guide to organising in your faith community. 

Multi faith service for the climate

The single most effective thing you can do is to sign up and ask other people from your faith community to participate in a multi faith nationwide service supporting the strike.

Friday May 15th at 10am (Eastern time)

Let’s show that we are united in this time of extreme adversity in the spirit of love, reverence and compassion. The service will help us connect with these moral values and will emphasise kindness in the face of shared difficulty. It will also articulate what putting these values into action in practical terms means. This service will be held via Zoom and also live streamed on social media. So, you’ll be able to participate from home. 

Open to people of all faiths and none.

Asking people in your congregation to be there

There are three ways to do this! You can choose the one that suits you.

  1. On Zoom - please use this option if you can.

    Please use this link: https://zoom.us/j/93368937522

    Or join the Zoom call by phone on any of the following numbers:
    08 6119 3900
    08 7150 1149
    02 8015 6011
    03 7018 2005
    07 3185 3730

    Meeting ID: 933 6893 7522

    Please note: we're asking as many people as possible to join via Zoom. We have a maximum capacity of 1000 people. If we're fortunate enough to have more than 1000 people then you can still watch it live on YouTube or Facebook.

  2. Watch live on the ARRCC Facebook page.

  3. Watch live on the ARRCC YouTube channel.

Even though we may not be able to come together at our places of worship, we’re each still part of a faith community. Let’s act together. If we as people of faith around the country asked just a few friends from our own congregations to participate, we can make this thing huge. 

Please click here and sign up to show that you’re up for asking people in your faith community to get involved.

Support the strike on social media

Super simple: just ask people in your congregation to take a photo of themselves holding up a hand-held sign in support of the school strikers and posting this on social media. This will help build momentum for the strike.

We are asking people from all faith communities to post photos of themselves between now and the day of the strike holding a sign for climate action. 

It’s very important to be visible in these photos as people of faith.

Please ask people you know to wear something that identifies them as a person of faith - a prayer cap, a crucifix, mala beads or a kippah. If you’re talking to a religious leader, please ask them to wear formal religious attire. It can also help to take the photo standing or sitting next to something religious- sitting on a prayer mat or in meditation posture, standing next to an image or painting that is part of your faith tradition in some way

Each sign should communicate support for climate action. The exact wording is up to each person. Ideally it should include a strong message that references one of the climate strikers’ key demands.  These demands are widely supported by ARRCC and other groups working on climate change:

  • No new fossil fuel projects, including the Adani coal mine
  • 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • A just transition and job creation for all fossil fuel workers and communities

Please post using the hashtags #SignsOfFaith and #BuildABetterFuture

Official statements of support welcome!

We’re asking major religious organisations to do one other thing too: issue a statement of support for the online strike. This will help build the momentum even more. For more information please contact [email protected]

Here is one from the Assembly of Rabbis and Cantors 

Join the main school strike live stream

Please turn up for both the service and the main event on  - the school strike interactive live stream.

May 15 will see a giant interactive online strike attended by thousands of people from across the country. Those attending will display messages and signs and record a video to send their MPs to show that the climate strike movement isn’t going away - it’s only getting stronger.

This will run from 4pm to 8pm AEST.

Participants are being asked to post a photo of yourself with a picture of a yellow flower that you have drawn with a description of what climate justice means to you on the petals. 

Keep an eye on the school strike website for updates and to find out the latest information.

Spreading the word in your faith community

Click here and sign up and someone from the ARRCC organising team in your town will get in touch with information about what you can do, including a guide to effective online organising in your faith community.