Communities of faith can be a huge help on May 15 

The next climate strike was all set to go in Australia on May 15 and then... the coronavirus came along. However, it’s still going ahead! It’s moving online.

Faith communities are invited to join in these online protests in massive numbers. In towns and cities across Australia, people of all faiths will make our voices heard and to say that we need bold and urgent action on the climate crisis. 

No doubt the coronavirus is an immediate threat. However, the climate crisis is an immediate threat as well - and one that we can’t afford to stop working on even now.


How can your faith community get involved?


Ask others in your congregation to join the online strike 

The single most effective thing you can do is to ask other people from your faith community to get involved in the online strike along with you. 

Even though we may not be able to come together at our places of worship, we’re each still part of a faith community. Let’s act together. If we as people of faith around the country asked just a few friends from our own congregations to participate, we can make this thing huge. 


Ring your bells

Does your place of worship have a bell? We're asking all places of worship to ring their bells on the day of the strike to sound the alarm that it's time for urgent climate action.

If your place of worship doesn't have a bell, do you know one that does? Could you ask them?

Perhaps your faith tradition doesn't have bells? No problem. You might want to see if you could ask your Rabbi to blow his or her shofar to sound the alarm. Tibetan Buddhists have plenty of instruments! It's time to get heartfelt and creative!


A sign outside your place of worship

Faith communities around the country are going to be putting up signs outside their places of worship in the lead-up to the strike. This is a great way to get the message out that communities of faith care about the climate and want bold action. Check out our signs page for how to go about this. 

Small personal signs

Super simple: just ask people in your congregation to take a photo of themselves holding up a hand-held sign in support of the school strikers and posting this on social media.

We are asking people from all faith communities to post photos of themselves on the day of the strike and to hold up a sign for climate action. 

It’s very important to be visible in these photos as people of faith.

Please ask people you know to wear something that identifies them as a person of faith - a prayer cap, a crucifix, mala beads or a kippah. If you’re talking to a religious leader, please ask them to wear formal religious attire.

It can also help to take the photo standing or sitting next to something religious- sitting on a prayer mat or in meditation posture, standing next to an image or painting that is part of your faith tradition in some way

Each sign should communicate support for climate action. The exact wording is up to each person. Ideally it should include a strong message that references one of the climate strikers’ key demands.  These demands are widely supported by ARRCC and other groups working on climate change:

  • No new fossil fuel projects, including the Adani coal mine
  • 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • A just transition and job creation for all fossil fuel workers and communities

Let's sing!

Singing lifts the spirits and connects us with others. Why not ask your friends to sing a modified version of a traditional song (along the lines of 'Carols against Coal') and post a short video of this on social media? The best place to shoot it is standing outside on the front porch in the style of the now famous videos of people in Italy singing to their neighbours like this.

Ask your faith leaders to record a short sermon

There is extra one thing we’re asking faith leaders to do, in addition to those listed above: record a video of a sermon supporting the online strike and posting this on social media. Please ask them to keep it to no more than three or four minutes though!

Religious organisations

We’re asking major religious organisations to do one other thing too: issue a statement of support for the online strike. For more information please contact melbourne@arrcc.org.au


Getting started

Sign up below and someone from the ARRCC organising team in your town will get in touch with information about what you can do, including a guide to effective online organising in your faith community.