Treasurer role

Date posted: 23rd January, 2018

Position: Honorary Treasurer, ARRCC, Inc.

Description of Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC):

ARRCC is a culturally diverse, multi-faith organisation which works for a safer climate for all. We are at an exciting time in our development. Our activities are attracting much more media, we are beginning to employ community organisers, donations to our organisation have increased dramatically and we’re attracting grants more easily. A faith-based organisation like ARRCC has the potential to value-add significantly to the challenge of shifting Australia away from its dependence on fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable economy. See www.arrcc.org.au

ARRCC is not-for-profit. It is incorporated as a Tier 2 (small) association with the Register of Incorporated Associations of the NSW Department of Fair Trading. ARRCC is also registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. We are not registered for GST.

ARRCC was originally set up by The Climate Institute (TCI) but, from the outset, was intended to be self-sustaining. ARRCC is a member of Climate Action Network Australia and the United Religions Initiative.

ARRCC accounts are held in Bank Australia and nearly all banking is done electronically. We have around 40 organisational members and 90 individual members. Memberships are classified as “individual”, “family”, “small organisation” or “organisation”, and these can join at a regular rate or pay a larger amount and thus be regarded as a “passionate” member.

The following is the role description as it is now but there is room for negotiation. 

Role description

Much of the accountancy work is done by a paid professional accountant, Jocelyn Edge, so the work should be manageable for someone with at least bookkeeping literacy:

  • As far as possible, attending monthly Board meetings
  • Organising to be a signatory to ARRCC accounts with Bank Australia
  • Monitoring details of payments via ARRCC Paypal, and transferring that money to the ARRCC Commercial account periodically
  • Creating and/or approving “batches” with Bank Australia in order to facilitate payment of invoices or reimbursement of payments already made
  • Monitoring the accounts to ensure their integrity.
  • Together with the Public Officer, ensuring all legal requirements regarding the ARRCC accounts are met. A financial statement has to be ready to send to members no less than three weeks before the AGM. A Form A12 Annual summary of financial affairs must be lodged on the Register of Incorporated Associations of NSW Fair Trading after the AGM (not the whole financial statement).
  • submitting annual financial information online with ACNC after AGM
  • Responding to emails or questions from other Committee members within 2 days 
  • Liaising with the pro bono Auditor (when an Auditor is found)
  • completing work in a reliable and timely way

It is expected that the honorary Treasurer be a person of faith. It would be helpful that he/she live in Sydney and be committed to faith-based climate action. A handover period from the current Treasurer could start early in 2018 with a view to formally taking on the Treasurer role in May 2018.

Contact: Thea Ormerod, chair@arrcc.org.au or 0405 293 466