What We Do

ARRCC’s mission is twofold: to promote ethical, environmentally sustainable, healthy and contented lifestyles which respect the Earth’s precious natural resources, and to advocate, from a faith perspective, for public policies which contribute to climate justice.

We carry out our mission through a number of campaigns and working groups, which are led by representatives from our Board and our members. They are:

Policy and Advocacy

Conducts faith-based political advocacy on climate change through direct engagement with politicians, and supports individuals and faith-based organisations to speak out. The group:

  • Oversees research from faith-based perspectives on government climate change policies
  • Disseminates educational materials and advocacy campaigning tools through ARRCC's networks
  • Establishes and communicates ARRCC's positions on policy matters, in consultation with the Board and ARRCC members

Membership: Harry Creamer, Thea Ormerod, Gill King, Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black

For more information on the work of the group, see our policy positions.

L to R: Dr Stephen Bygrave (Beyond Zero Emissions), Archbishop Philip Freier, Thea Ormerod, after letter to Federal MP's on emissions reduction targets, 2015

Eat Less Meat campaign

Invites faith communities to learn about the effects of meat consumption on the planet and on its people, and encourages them to take steps to reduce their meat intake. This is part of a bigger push to reflect on how everyday choices are related to climate change and sustainability. The campaign aims to:

  • educate individuals and faith groups, including schools, on the benefits of reduced meat consumption
  • encourage faith-based groups and organisations to reduce meat consumption through initiatives like 'meat-free meals' and 'meat-free days'
  • provide resources including vegetarian recipes and cooking workshops to help people increase their enjoyment of meat-free food.

Membership: Vijai Singhal is seeking expressions of interest to re-form this group. If you would like to contribute, please respond via [email protected].











(Right) Vijai Singhal speaks at Food Faith luncheon, February 2015

For more information on the campaign, see Eat Less Meat.

Walk or Ride to Worship

This campaign works to increase the use of cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable transport (e.g. car sharing, public transport) in faith communities. The campaign:

  • Holds an annual Walk or Ride to Worship Week to encourage transport behaviour change and to engage faith communities in an enjoyable activity
  • Disseminates educational resources to help faith-based groups and individuals switch to sustainable transport
  • Engages with and supports existing cyclists and 'sustainable travellers' in faith communities.

For more information on the campaign, see Walk or Ride to Worship.

Religious Leader Ambassadors

Participants are from different faith backgrounds, and some represent peak religious bodies in Australia. Together, they:

  • Help provide moral and spiritual impetus to address climate change
  • Help faith communities make the link between their religion and caring for the environment
  • Present a unified voice among leaders from various traditions
  • Undertake advocacy activities including meeting with politicians to speak out for stronger action to mitigate Australia's emissions and for climate justice.

Membership: Thea Ormerod*, Bishop George Browning, Kim Hollow, Sr Suzette Clark, Prof Raja Jayaraman, Right Rev'd Professor Stephen Pickard, Kanti Jinna, Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins, Sister Geraldine Kearney, Bhante Sujato. For more details, see Religious Leaders group.

Religious leader Ambassadors and colleagues with Thea Ormerod (far left): Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black, Sr Geraldine Kearney, Mr Abdul Celil Gelim, Right Rev'd Prof Stephen Pickard, Aunty Togiab McRose Elu