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The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) is a multi-faith network taking action on the most pressing issue of our time.

In the face of ecological damage and social injustices, we >affirm our love for this planet and its inhabitants and our deep reverence for life.

About ARRCC About climate change Get active
About ARRCC About climate change Just take action


This October, why not join with people from across Australia and participate in Walk or Ride to Worship 2014. You can join as an individual or family, or organise an event in your faith community or place of worship.

Watch the video below and then find out more.


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Latest News

  • ! Help save the RET

    Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is under threat – not gone!

  • ! Oceans of justice

    The Australian Government has refused to add climate change as an urgent agenda item for the G20 meeting in Brisbane later this year. Sign the petition asking them to do so.

  • ! 2014 fundraising dinners

    Come and meet us, enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal and help raise some much-needed money for ARRCC, all in the one night! 

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