Support our faith-inspired work this crucial year


 Yay!! We made it to our goal of 30 new people making a monthly donation! A huge THANK YOU to all the new and no-so-new regular donors who play a key role in keeping ARRCC going! 

Our Mission

ARRCC makes a unique contribution to climate action in Australia. We provide a faith-based witness to both care for the earth and mutual respect across diverse cultures and faith traditions. We strive to model the kind of society we want to see, one of compassion for all, solidarity with Traditional Owners and responsibility towards our life-sustaining earth. Add to this a desire to speak Truth to Power, fearlessly and with integrity.

This next year will be crucial

ARRCC is determined to make the most of this next crucial year. The Australian Government has come under sustained pressure from the USA and the UK recently to get a lot more serious about climate action and to stop blocking global progress. This will only escalate as the COP26 summit draws nearer. At the same time there is a federal election coming. The whole climate movement in Australia is going to put couple the international pressure on the Morrison Government with domestic pressure. It will be hard, but this creates a real opportunity for change. 

Our inspiration to be part of this change is currently heightened by our partnership with GreenFaith International. We share a collective determination with our partners overseas to challenge decision-makers to set the world on a new path to climate justice.

Your help makes ARRCC more effective

To do this, we need skilled community organisers who can dedicate their time to providing strategic guidance and support to our many active volunteers.

This is where we need your help. Will you help us reach our goal of 30 new monthly donors? That would bring us to mean over 100 monthly donors, which give us more of the ongoing financial stability we need to employ people and plan ahead.

Would you consider a donation of, say, $20 per month?

You can arrange it via this page, or to donate via PayPal click here. Or if you prefer, you can organise for direct transfers of your chosen amount into the ARRCC Bank Australia account. Details are here:

Name: ARRCC Incorporated

BSB: 313 140

Account number: 12038597

Your monthly support allows us to plan

Monthly donations give us the financial certainty needed to to plan beyond the next six months and to offer fairer working conditions. Our aim is to find 30 new monthly donors - more if possible. 

If you really much prefer to make a one-off donation, this is also welcome of course. Please give what you can. 

30 donors
Target: 30

The barometer shows how many people have started a new monthly donation through this campaign. The total amount raised so far through both one-off and monthly donations is $7,136

When people of faith take climate action, it inspires hope. By giving a regular donation, you can help make this possible.