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To avert the worst of climate change, the world needs a critical mass of concerned citizens who strategically demand change. 

Australia is one of the countries that especially needs to change direction. Our country is the third largest fossil fuel exporter globally, has one of the highest per capita emissions, and has a poor record in assisting low-income countries to cope with climate impacts.  

Spiritually-inspired activists are needed in the life-or-death struggle which is, at its best, a struggle for climate justice. 


ARRCC draws on our rich, diverse spiritual traditions, our values of justice and compassion for those who are suffering, and our many communities of caring. We make the case for public-facing action for climate justice and it is increasingly being heeded across Australia.

ARRCC’s advocacy is highly valued by the broader climate movement. We made a contribution well beyond our size to the seismic shift that made climate policy a top priority at the ‘Climate Election’ in May.

It has proven fruitful to partner with GreenFaith International, as we are energised by being part of an international faith-based climate movement seeking to influence UN COP negotiations.

Although our resources are relatively limited, we have grown our reach and impact in the last two years. Our effectiveness grows to the extent that we can support skilled, dedicated community organisers who provide strategic mentoring and support to our many volunteers.

We now plan to help stop new coal and gas mining projects and to stop public money being used to prop up these destructive industries. We will stand with our Pacific neighbours and various First Nation groups who are defending their Country. And we will join Faiths 4 Climate Justice to pressure COP27 to go further than emissions reduction targets, and begin setting targets to end the mining of fossil fuels


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