Get Active

ARRCC is empowering individuals and faith communities to take practical steps to protect and nurture our planet. We invite you to get involved in our major campaigns which promote community action, and sustainable food consumption and travel.

People of different religions are united by a commitment to the common good. By taking practical steps together we can help curb climate change. Acting in unity also sends a powerful message to society that people of all faiths are deeply concerned about the future of our planet.

It's easy to feel daunted and ultimately paralysed by the enormous ecological challenges our world is facing. But even very small changes to our daily lifestyle habits can have a significant impact. And as people of faith who are deeply connected with community, our positive actions can also have a snowball effect when we share them with other people.

As a side-benefit to cultivating environmentally friendly habits, a lot of the suggestions in this section will actually lead to improved health and wellbeing. And many are just plain fun.

Major campaigns

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Eat-Less-Meat.png Living the Change Switch to sunshine

We also provide information on how to take action individually and collectively.


Share your stories

ARRCC loves to hear from individuals and faith communities who are taking action to curb climate change. We encourage you to share your inspiring stories.