Banners - Faiths 4 Climate Justice

October 17 and 18 there will be a global Day of Action for the climate called Faiths 4 Climate Justice. This will take place in countries all over the world. One of the main vehicles for our message will be places of worship putting up banners about climate action. By have banners in different countries with a similar design, we show the world that we are unified as a movement, which adds strength to our collective impact.

Although the banners in different countries will call for the same kinds of actions, in Australia there will be some particular wording that should work more effectively in this country. Organisers in the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) are asking everyone who puts up a banner to use wording comprising two kinds of message.

Part one - a faith message

This is why you're calling for climate action.

Please one of the following:

  • Protect Creation
  • For the sake of all beings
  • Killing the planet is against our religion
  • People of faith say
  • Restore sacred balance
  • The Earth is our masjid
  • Wake Up!
  • Protecting the planet is our worship

Part two - what you're asking for

Please select one of these:

  • Bold climate action by 2030 starting now (Please choose this one if you can)
  • No new coal or gas
  • 100% solar and wind
  • Clean jobs in solar and wind not dirty gas
  • It's time to bury coal

What does the final result look like?

You'd end up with a banner saying (for example):

Bonus points - naming the Prime Minister

If you really want to add an extra edge to your message, please add the option to include the Prime Minister's name on the banner too. Pressure is more likely to be effective when we name the decision-maker whose mind we want to change.

We appreciate that many people prefer not to be this pointed, but if a couple of places of worship could do this it would really help. In this case you'd get a final form of words that reads (same example):

Scott Morrison
Protect Creation
Bold climate action by 2030

starting now.

Small grants for banners

The ARRCC Committee would appreciate it if faith communities could pay for their own banners. However, we've budgeted to offer small grants to 20 faith communities for professionally printed banners. First come, first served!

If money is otherwise an obstacle for your community, please send a short email specifying the type of banner, size, words being used, contact details and amount of money requested to [email protected].

Here’s a guide for groups wanting to make their own banner, but please try to make a large, striking one. Otherwise, it’s better to order one which is professionally produced, especially if your place of worship is in a publicly prominent location or a marginal electorate.

What if we already have a banner from March 11?

For those people who were involved in the last one of these days of action back in March who already have a banner, you may be wondering whether you can re-use that one. If at all possible, please do get one of these new banners as we think the new, edgier wording is going to have more of an impact. If you don’t think that’s possible do go ahead and use the banner from last time. And thank you!

How to order your banner design

ARRCC will help you get a banner design that works for you. 

  1. Please fill out the form below
  2. We will get a banner design with the wording and size that you request. Please do choose the largest size that suits your needs and that your faith community feels comfortable with!
  3. We will then email you instructions to log into our Vistaprint account, select your exact design and pay for it
  4. It will be delivered to you. 

All banners are made of vinyl for outdoor use and have strong eyelets for hanging them.

You will be able to select the delivery time that suits you. Estimated delivery times are as follows:

  • Standard delivery (roughly two weeks) - FREE
  • Priority (roughly a week) - $9.99
  • Priority Track (three days) - $19.99

You will also be prompted as to whether you would like to add materials with which to hang the banner. 

  • Ropes (15 metres) - $7.99
  • Zip ties (packet of 50) - $9.99

Please remember to register your action on the map

Please also take a moment to register your action on this great global map. That way the whole world will know about it! Thanks.