Solidarity with Tanzania

Ten GreenFaith International volunteers in Tanzania - our partners - were recently detained by police for three days, basically for speaking out against the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline. They also had their phones taken away leaving them with no means of communication. They were interrogated.

Please sign and share the open letter below calling for a stop to this injustice. 

The volunteers' "crime" was speaking out publicly and peacefully about the fossil fuel project that has taken away their homes and the land they farm to sustain their families. They deserve a better term than “protesters”. They are earth protectors. It was their faith that gave them the courage to say no.

There are options to sign either as an organisation or as an individual. 

GreenFaith has responded by supporting these courageous people of faith and securing their release. Now, ARRCC Is joining the international effort to tell the Tanzanian government, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), and TotalEnergies (the corporations behind the pipeline project) that we will not stand for this illegal, immoral behaviour.

These courageous people are counting on people of faith around the world like us for our solidarity. Will you take action?