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Your support makes ARRCC more effective

We often receive feedback that ARRCC's work gives hope to people. Here’s a recent email from someone who described herself as “agnostic”:

“To know your group exists, and to meet some of the people involved, means a lot to me. This is from the perspective of someone who is tired of seeing excuses for climate denialism and may need to be reminded that religion and climate denialism do not go hand-in-hand. Your work is so important in this regard. But it also means a lot to me from a personal perspective of someone who is looking for hope and faith in a very confronting world.”

ARRCC supporters can feel good about this too. 

Every time you give it helps us reach more people and more effectively. That’s why we’re now looking for more people willing to give monthly. You can arrange it via this page or, if you prefer, you can organise for direct transfers of your chosen amount into the ARRCC Bank Australia account. Details are here:

Name: ARRCC Incorporated

BSB: 313 140

Account number: 12038597

Regular support allows ARRCC to grow

Regular donations make it possible to plan strategically so we can be more fruitful, and they allow us to employ our skilled, hard-working community organiser, Tejopala Rawls. 

He’s made a huge difference since he started. Without Tejopala, ARRCC wouldn’t have received anywhere near the media coverage that we have achieved in the last two years. It was Tejopala who organised large-scale participation in protest actions across several states around the same time. He came up with ‘Killing the Planet is Against My Religion’ and organised ARRCC T-shirts. He was instrumental in getting 154 religious leaders to sign an open letter to new PM, Scott Morrison, urging him to make the climate emergency his number one priority. 

The number of active ARRCC groups is also growing significantly. Tejopala is helping to resource these local groups. He is helping local groups to organise and urge our governments to fund a clean economic recovery from COVID that is good for people and good for the earth. 

He’s also organising people in faith communities to divest from fossil fuels and to keep the pressure on companies not to work with Adani. 

Your monthly support allows us to plan

Monthly donations give us the financial certainty needed to to plan beyond the next six months and to offer Tejopala more secure employment. Our aim is to find 35 new monthly donors - more if possible. 

Every new monthly donation steadies the ship and makes this easier.

Why not consider making a monthly donation of say, $10 or $20 or more? These would help us most. If you really much prefer to make a one-off donation, this is also welcome of course. Please give what you can. 

16 days remaining in campaign

32 donors
Target: 35

The barometer shows how many people have started a new monthly donation through this campaign. The total amount raised so far through both one-off and monthly donations is $6,945

When people of faith take climate action, it inspires hope. By giving a regular donation, you can help make this possible.

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