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ARRCC has a unique role in Australia in bringing together diverse people of faith as witnesses to both our common humanity and respect for the earth. In the past two years, our capacity has grown and our voice has strengthened in the public debate. Local faith groups in many different parts of the country have supported the School Strikers for Climate, held Carols Against Coal, Funerals for Coal, put up “No New Coal” signs outside of places of worship and held workshops on climate-friendly lifestyles.

Come along and meet other people of faith who have been taking action on the climate crisis. The Conference will be an opportunity to hone our skills and capacity to do this more effectively. It will serve to:

  1. Build knowledge, skills and confidence to organise at a local level, especially politically (nonpartisan)
  2. Inspire people to act on the climate emergency
  3. Empower people of diverse faiths to take ARRCC-inspired action together
  4. Help form and strengthen active local groups

We will share and learn with the help of inspirational campaigners, skilled community organisers, Aboriginal activists, faith leaders and experts in their fields.

Time and place

Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, 15 Blackall St, Barton. 2600.

Program starts 6.30 pm Friday, November 8th - participants may arrive after 4 pm, and dinner will be served before the conference formally begins. It finishes 3.30 pm Sunday, November 10th

Prayer and Meditation Room

A Prayer and Meditation Room will be available on site. Conference participants are very welcome to take time out for prayer or meditation at any time, in accordance with their religious observances.

Conference participants are encouraged to take low-carbon options in travelling to the conference or offset their emissions from travel with Greenfleet.

Please help spread the word

You can download the poster for faith community noticeboards here.

The Facebook event is here.

Can you help cover costs for others?

If you can help cover the registration for someone who can't afford the fee, please make a donation here. Please let us know the donation is for this purpose by e-mailing [email protected]