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Not just another climate change film, 2 Degrees is a riveting political thriller set against the backdrop of the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen, leading into the real solution to the world's climate challenge: the power of the people. The film is an emotional ride from the despair of the bureaucratic process to the thrill of tapping into the transformative momentum of people power.

Released in Australia at the Transitions Film Festival in November 2013 the film has been well received by audiences to date. Last week we received the Best Byron Film at the Byron International Film Festival. We believe the time is ripe for the release of this film to a global audience as the universal acceptance and concern for action on climate accelerates.

As the world waits in hope for a new dawn on climate change, 2 Degrees reveals the chaotic failure of the UN negotiations in Copenhagen. It becomes chillingly clear that we cannot wait for governments to lead the way. So if commitment to act won’t come from above, perhaps the voices and actions of communities will bring the revolution that is needed. 2 Degrees takes to the streets of Port Augusta, a small Australian town, and follows the passionate efforts to replace the coal fired power stations with solar thermal power.

If we don’t understand the lessons from Copenhagen, we are doomed to repeat them in 2015, when the world body meets once more in Paris to conclude a legally binding agreement. From the award?winning producer of The Burning Season and The Man Who Stole My Mother’s Face, 2 Degrees explores climate change through the prism of climate justice. While An Inconvenient Truth alerted us to the problem of climate change, 2 Degrees is the gripping and vital fight for solutions.

Here is one recent review of the film:

"2 Degrees: Armageddon in Our Hands

Former Greenpeace campaigner and local Byron filmmaker, Jeff Canin, conveys the stark reality of global warming and our political leaders' hand-washing negligence in addressing this very real threat to humanity and the environment. ….

The difference between 2 Degrees (named after the global temperature rise after which irrevocable damage will be done) and other similar docos is that it searches for a solution. It isn't a tale of doom and gloom with no real cure, it shows that, in South Australia for example, the locals, the you-and-I's of the world can stand up, make a difference and overthrow the powers that be, fight and win for a healthy planet and create the only rational outcome that our brain dead, greed- and money-driven, criminally corrupt, political leaders fail to recognise.

Terrifying in its subject but with a powerful message of hope, 2 Degrees is a film everybody should watch for their own awareness."- Thomas Leitch of commongroundaustralia.com

Another viewer commented, "Your film stands alone in this genre."