Brisbane interfaith dialogue 2016 Sep

A conversation among people of faith on climate action in Brisbane

People in Brisbane and surrounds have asked the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC, pronounced ‘ark’) to facilitate some conversations about possible collaboration among the faith communities on climate action. The Queensland Churches Environment Network also has an interest in such collaboration.

Multifaith collaboration can:

  • Bring a caring, moral dimension to public discourse on climate change
  • Reach out to communities who would otherwise not be reached by secular organisations
  • Witness to an amazing unity of purpose on climate issues among the various faiths, in a context of diversity in other areas
  • Bring about concrete changes (eg by decisions by faith communities to divest from fossil fuels, switch to Green Power or participate in actions such as the People’s Climate March)
  • Witness to the wider community that people of faith do care about protecting the earth

We all know that global warming must be addressed in the next few years if we are to keep the climate safe, yet we are pulled to prioritise other ‘more immediate’ demands.

This conversation is an opportunity to inspire and galvanise action on what is actually a most pressing issue. We envisage a group who come together around goals that are achievable and who make a difference. Come along and join in the conversation!

When: Thursday, 29 September, 6:00 – 8.30 pm

Where: Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Rd, Nathan

We encourage you to keep your carbon footprint down by using public transport. To plan your travel use Translink. Click here for location. Detailed directions are here.

RSVP from the website or send email to [email protected] to book your reservation!

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is a multi-faith, member-based organisation of people from around Australia. While celebrating the uniqueness of our different traditions, we stand together in working for an ecologically and socially sustainable future. We recognise that climate change is not only a scientific, environmental, economic and political issue – it is also a profoundly moral and spiritual one.

September 29, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue, Griffith University
170 Kessels Rd
Nathan, QLD 4111