Brisbane interfaith dialogue, continued

Having got off to an exciting start in 2016, this conversation is about deciding which pathway to take regarding Brisbane-based multi-faith climate action. ARRCC has campaigns we're working on, or is the group more inspired to take another path? What would that be?

This will be facilitated by Thea Ormerod.

When: Tuesday, 28 February, 6:00 – 8.30 pm

Where: Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue, Griffith University, Kessels Rd, Nathan.

Light refreshments will be provided. 


The enthusiasm at the first meeting on Sep 29, 2016, yielded a whole lot of creative ideas about what such an initiative could achieve. From the feedback forms, people really enjoyed the diversity of those who attended, and the majority indicated that they would like to be actively involved.

The purpose of this gathering is to help the group decide which direction to take. At the moment there's an enormous disconnect between what needs to happen and the direction that our decision-makers are taking. In these circumstances, great social movements have been able to turn what seemed to be impossible into the inevitable. It's taken time and it's been difficult, but it has been done before. It would be inspirational if this new group could be a faith-inspired part of the social movement which is challenging the dominance of fossil fuel industries which currently threatening the life-supporting capacity of Mother Earth. We will examine a couple of options for action which could be a focus for the next 6 - 10 months.  

We welcome anyone who is interested, whatever spiritual tradition.

We encourage you to keep your carbon footprint down by using public transport. To plan your travel use Translink. Click here for location. Detailed directions are here.

February 28, 2017 at 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University
Kessels Rd
Nathan, Qld 4111
Sabrina Islam
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