ecotheology course 2016

Join us for a week of intensive engagement in the connections between ecology and faith, at the beautiful Centre for Ministry in North Parramatta.  

You can audit, or study for undergraduate credit through CSU.

People of any denomination or none are very welcome to join us.

How do the biblical witnesses and church tradition understand the relationship between God, humanity and the rest of creation?  What do the sciences of cosmology and evolution contribute to that understanding?  How does the science of ecology compel us to respond to the unfolding story of creation around us? How do we bring these scriptural and scientific stories of creation together today, both theologically, and in practical action?  What is your place in that response, and what is your next step?

More information and links to the formal acadmic pages relating to the course will appear here when they are ready.  If you would like to do this for credit at another institution, check the cross-institutional study options

We had great numbers, including several audit students, and lots of positive feedback for the 2014 course.  

Come and join our temporary community as we inspire each other to live as better members of the Earth community.

The course is being reworked, but in 2014 we looked at:

God, humanity and the rest of creation in the Genesis creation stories and New Testament

New elements of the creation story, primarily from ecology and environmentalism

New elements of the creation story, primarily from evolution (and cosmology)

Responding faithfully, theologically and doctrinally

Responding practically

November 14, 2016 at 12:00pm - November 19, 2016
United Theological College
16 Masons Dr
North Parramatta, NSW 2151