Poem on EPBC Act

A staunch ARRCC supporter, Christine Morris, got creative one day and came up with a neat poem. Thea Ormerod helped improve the rhythm and here it is below. It conveys our hopes for the outcome of the review underway at this time (end 2023, early 2024). It was sent to Minister Plibersek on 30 November, 2023.



Australians last voted in 2021

It was an election the Labor Party won.

"Climate change is key," this Party noted

Because of this commitment, we the people voted.



Yes to the environment, yes to climate justice

And no to expansions of fossil fuel business.

“There will be no extinctions under my watch,”

We toasted this pronouncement to the highest notch.


We had hope that change to the EPBC

Was a priority for Labor to achieve

With no climate clauses, it’s way out of date

It must be revised ‘fore it is too late.


But the draft won’t be ready until 2024

And we’re still opening coal mines, and then we open more

Let’s press pause on new fossil fuel approvals

Until the review is over – there should only be refusals!  


Minister Plibersek, please understand the Science

Climate is a major threat – just look at all the fires!

Queensland has been burning, now WA’s on fire

And Summer’s not yet started, nature’s hanging by a wire.


We have many precious animals; some cute and some are ugly.

Many are endangered, some are scaly, some are cuddly.

Our birds have no old trees to nest, our forests burnt or logged,

Our wetlands are all threatened – we’ve already lost some frogs.


On habitat and extinctions, we’re desperate decisions

And a pause approving gas and coal until the Act’s revisions

Please put climate at the heart of this new legislation

As what we do in Australia affects each, and every nation.


I have friends who are from Tuvalu and Samoa 

Vanuatu, New Guinea, Cook Islands and Tonga

They've come to Australia as climate refugees,

But their hearts still belong under swaying palm trees. 


Ensure full climate impacts of each new well or mine

Are considered in assessments - before they cross the line.

We can’t rely on offsetting – we know it’s not enough.

Let’s make the changes quickly – ‘fore conditions get too tough!


Dear Minister, we know you care

We need a safe climate, pure water, clean air

All peoples and animals, fishes and trees

Marsupials and monotremes, and blue banded bees.


Expedite and prioritise this EPBC Act Review

So Australians can have hope in a future renewed.

And ensure the process is transparent and pure

With no vested interests – or we’ll not be secure.