The People's Climate Assembly

When: 8 am Sunday Feb 2 - 6 pm Thurs Feb 6

Where: Parliament House lawns

Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/peoples.climate.assembly/

Federal Parliament reopens on 4 February 2020, we must use this opportunity to show a united front to our government that action must be taken to address the climate emergency and that the people of Australia will no longer accept complacency and denial of the truth.

Schedule of events

Sunday 2 Feb Opening Day (including welcome to country; family activities) starting 11am

Monday 3 Feb Meet the Experts (talks with Scientists; healthcare professionals, infrastructure specialists) starting 10am

Tuesday 4 Feb The Big Rally (and encircling Parliament) 10am start for 12 noon rally (finishing with a peaceful and legal encirclement of Parliament House at 1:30pm)

Wednesday 5 Feb Rejoice in Mother Nature (animals; oceans; healing and spirit) starting 10am

Thursday 6 Feb The Way Forward (discussion and collaboration on the way forward) star

Event details for the rally on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 12 PM – 1:30 PM - are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1026151234405628/

Post 6 Feb: Continuation of the Peoples' Climate Assembly work - discussion and education with ministers, lobbying, action groups

Late February: The New Dreaming Gathering commences.

New Dreaming is a sister group, consisting of First Nations Elders and supporters who aim to bring people together to discuss and develop an actionable blueprint for a restoration of the environment in Australia, harmonious living of the people wiht the land and each other and healing between us all. Follow New Dreaming Australia via their Facebook page.

We will be gathering on the lawn outside of Parliament House in Canberra to show a united front against the ignorance shown by our government in the face of this climate emergency, and to demand that they step up and do something.

The People's Assembly is a coalition of activists groups and supporters who are ready to make a stand to our government to demand that they stand up and do something to help fix this problem we now face.

The time has come to fully realise that all of our many climate action groups have the same goal - to immediately acknowledge the actual climate emergency; follow the science; and take immediate necessary action. This will be a great opportunity to show our unity and strength of purpose and join together in a very powerful symbolic and practical way.

Our Home is on FIRE! There is the urgent need for us to join together in solidarity and take ACTION! This event is a both a promise and fulfilment of powerful and sustained united action of humanity in crisis at the beating heart of political power and life in this great land we call home.

Our main demands are that the government:
- Tells the truth
- Declares a climate emergency
- Acts now according to the science
- Implements a just transition to a renewable and sustainable future

There will be a large tent set up on Parliament lawn (Federation Mall), with amenities for attendees. The tent will be a place for people to show their presence to parliament as they enter, as well as an invitation of politicians to talk and engage with the Assembly.

Whilst the demonstration will officially take place on the opening of parliament, there will be a number of activities leading up to, and following.

For real change to come into place we must continue to work together as a united front.

The Peoples' Climate Assembly pays their respect to the elders, past present and emerging and to the First Nations people, who the custodians of the this land. Sovereignty was never ceded.

About the Peoples Climate Assembly (PCA)

The PCA represent a wide cross section of many climate and environmental groups who are working together towards the same goal, to help save our environment and ensure a renewable and sustainable future for all.

Some of the groups involved in the PCA include:
Extinction Rebellion
Australian Conservation foundation (ACF)
The Conservation Council
The Greens

We are also in conversation with a further 50 groups to join the Assembly.

The two spokespersons for the group are Peter Thomson and John Wurcker. We are also in constant consultation with First Nations Elders, including Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth a Muruwari and Budjiti man, who is also part of our group.

Additionally, we are in conversation with the Elders at the Tent Embassy and are working closely alongside our sister group, New Dreaming who are provisioning and supporting the New Dreaming Gathering starting from 25 February 2020.

If you would like to get in touch with Peter or John, please contact us via messenger here:

February 02, 2020 at 8:00am - February 06, 2020
Parliament House lawns
Federation Mall new Parliament House
Canberra, ACT 2600