Ben Pennings' principled example

It is absurd that local father Mr Pennings continues to be legally pursued by an international conglomerate when Mr Pennings has been beyond reasonable in his response.

Mr Pennings has openly shared that he simply now wants to care for his young children and ageing parents and yet Adani seems determined to punish Mr Pennings for previously exercising his right as an Australian citizen to stand up for our iconic Reef and our farmers’ groundwater.


Despite the undue pressure, including the potential for personal bankruptcy, Mr Pennings continues to show an admirable level of resilience, which is inspiring.

Ironically, Adani’s response powerfully underscores the impact that an individual can make when an ordinary citizen courageously stands up for the common good.

It is surprising that a conglomerate like Adani is behaving in such a seemingly obsessive manner – in doing so, they are not only making a martyr out of Mr Pennings, but will also keep growing community concern about Adani’s massive coal mine firmly in the media spotlight.

Mr Pennings’ principled example and growing community concern will undoubtedly compel other Australians to do what they can to protect the Great Barrier Reef and the underground water sources that are critical to our farmers’ livelihoods.


The Very Rev's Dr Peter Catt

Dean of Brisbane

St John's Anglican Cathedral

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