Christian homilies/reflections

Uniting Church Mister, Rev. Dr John Squires, writes this reflection, "Reflecting on faith amidst the firestorms". One small extract: "God is here, in our midst, incarnate, one with us, suffering alongside us. God is crying as the house burns, weeping as the birds and animals flee, sobbing as the stock die, grieving as the firefighters are overwhelmed and their truck is overturned. God is here, with us. Jesus Christ is bleeding with the dead, grieving with us, mourning with creation."



Sermon by The Very Rev’d Frank Nelson, on the Feast of the Epiphany during bushfire crisis, Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. One small extract: "I used the phrase ‘so-called natural disaster’ a moment ago quite intentionally, for, as climate scientists have been telling us for years, much of this was not only predictable but preventable....  It’s not that we did not know, but that we chose to ignore. Theologically speaking this is skotosis – a Greek word meaning the deliberate and intentional choosing to remain in the darkness, not to see the consequences of action, turning one’s back on a crisis ..."



Bishop Vincent Long, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, Chair of the Bishops Commission on Justice, Mission and Service, has regularly spoken about the need for ecological conversion. Here is one of his powerful homilies in the midst of the bushfire crisis. One extract is: "In the light of the ecological crisis that demands a conversion of heart and a change of lifestyle, we must have the courage to align ourselves with God’s plan for the world."