Day of Action nuclear waste dumps

National Day of Action: Don't nuclear waste Australia

12pm Saturday, Oct 15

Pitt Street Mall near King Street (Sydney CBD)

This gathering owill be n Gadigal Land.
Speakers include Adnyamathanha Traditional Owner Juanella McKenzie.

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o The Federal government is proposing to dump domestic radioactive waste from Lucas Heights in the iconic Flinders Ranges.
o In addition to this, the SA government proposes to bring one third of the world’s high level nuclear waste to South Australia.

Nuclear waste is a threat to workers, the broader community and the environment. It is a toxic burden for generations many thousands of years into the future.

Two separate proposals that could greatly impact communities and country are being advanced in South Australia.

The federal government proposes to locate a national radioactive waste facility in the magnificent Flinders Ranges. The plan is fiercely contested by Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners and local pastoralists and could greatly impact tourism in the region. The most dangerous of the waste is from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods used in the Lucas Heights reactor south of Sydney.

Meanwhile, the SA government proposes to import 138 000 tonnes of international high-level nuclear waste to SA, risking economic as well as environmental catastrophe. Up to $600 million would be spent before the decision to proceed is even made. The plan requires a dedicated deep-sea port and up to four other waste dump areas across SA, including interim storage for at least 50 years and eventual burial of low, intermediate and high level waste. The plan will impact a vast area and many communities.

We need to move away from dangerous dinosaur industries like coal and nuclear, toward a renewable energy future with jobs in regional and remote areas.

Join Uranium Free NSW on October 15 to say ‘Don't nuclear waste Australia’.

* October 15 marks 63 years since the first inland atomic bomb test at Emu Field in SA.

ARRCC stands in solidarity with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters


October 15, 2016 at 12:00pm - 1pm
Pitt Street Mall
Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000