Faith Communities Climate Action Forum

Climate change is the most serious issue of our generation. The fact that human-caused climate change is happening is now beyond dispute in the scientific community, yet despite the awful consequences, many people are apathetic.

Do faith communities have a role to play in combating climate change? How? Can we really make that much of an impact? Aren't there more pressing issues we should be focusing on?

We invite all people of faith to this conversation on climate action to tackle these questions and more.


Faith Communities Climate Action Forum
Saturday 10 March
West End Uniting Church
11 Sussex St, West End, Qld 4101
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Lujayn Hawari
Journalist & documentary film producer, Lujayn is a Muslim advocate for veganism, environmental protection and animal welfare. After attaining a degree in Journalism & Islam-West Relations, she completed an Honours research paper on veganism in the Islamic religion, and founded an online social media platform The Vegan Muslim. www.facebook.com/theveganmuslim

Erin Kennedy
After a trip to Kolkata in 2006, where she saw such waste & environmental destruction, Erin vowed to only ever purchase second hand & eco friendly everything. Last year Erin was arrested with other people of faith who prayed & sang while blocking access to the construction site of the rail line to Adani’s coalmine. Erin is a member of the Maximilien Kobe Catholic Parish in Marsden, Logan.

Dr Daud Batchelor
Earth and environmental scientist and Islamic scholar, Daud is a journalist with the Australasian Muslim Times, worked for international resources companies, and was Fellow with the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies Malaysia. He recently helped organise and presented at the Brisbane Community Seminar on Islam and Environmental Stewardship.

Mark Delaney (Guest Author)
Mark will be speaking about the book he wrote with his son Tom, "Low-Carbon and Loving It", as well as some practical ideas we can put into action straight away.


"Low-Carbon and Loving It is an ordinary person's, easy-to-read guide to climate change. The book is divided into two sections. The problem of climate change includes sections on the causes of climate change, its consequences and reasons why we've done so little up to now. Then the solutions, looks at both 'big-picture' and 'small-picture' solutions, including concrete ways for the reader to lead a lower-carbon life.

It is also the story of the Delaneys, an ordinary Australian family who have made some extraordinary choices. Mark and his wife have lived much of their working lives in the slums of India, befriending neighbours who struggle to survive day to day. The Delaneys have continued this lifestyle of voluntary simplicity for two decades.

It is these unique perspectives which allow Mark and Tom to see afresh the climate crisis to which many in the West are blind. From their lives, they know a lower-carbon life is possible and even fulfilling, not only in India, but also in middle class Australia."

Presented by:
Doing Justice
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Queensland

March 10, 2018 at 2:00pm - 4pm
West End Uniting Church
11 Sussex St
West End, Qld 4101