Faith pledge to fight racism in Australia

Black Lives Matter here in the land we now call Australia. ARRCC grieves for the innumerable losses suffered by our First Nations brothers and sisters, whose loved ones continue to die in custody. We strive to stand in solidarity with them. If you are person of faith and would like to join us, please sign this pledge.

Those who consider themselves religious must stand with all fellow Australians of good conscience in confronting the reality of racism in our society and investigate how we can help to bring about much-needed systemic change, regardless of race or ethnicity. 

Crosses at Geraldton, 23 Oct., 2014. Photo credit: abc.net.au 

“I can’t breathe” were also the last words of David Dungay jnr in Sydney in 2015 after guards “restrained” him too, with no charges laid. Reconciliation Week ended with a police assault on an Aboriginal 16-year-old.  In 1991 a Black Deaths in Custody Royal Commission recommended sweeping policy changes to break the cycle of Aboriginal imprisonment. Few of the recommendations have been implemented. Since then, there have been over 430 Aboriginal deaths in custody and not one conviction of the perpetrators.

Those who take this pledge, drafted by Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black, commit to a series of actions which will help fight structural racism in our own country.

Because of the risk of COVID-19 infection, we are cautious about suggesting that people attend rallies. However, details of the rallies being held this Saturday, June 6, are here