Membership and Renewals

You can support and get involved in ARRCC's work and help work towards a more environmentally and socially sustainable future!

Links to our membership and renewal forms are in the sidebar on this page.

ARRCC accepts both:

  • Individual members: We welcome individual members. You can make a difference to your world.
  • Organisational members: ARRCC encourages places of worship, faith communities and other local, regional and national faith-based organisations to support our work and have a positive impact on the planet.

Membership benefits

As an ARRCC member you will:

  • Be demonstrating support for faith-based communities advocating for climate change action
  • Receive information about upcoming events and activities from ARRCC each month
  • Meet others engaged in climate change advocacy and participate in collective action
  • Have the opportunity to work on ARRCC projects like Ride to Worship and the Meat Free Day initiative.

Join in two simple steps

Individual members

Step 1 - Complete a membership form: 
Fill in our online form
or complete and return the downloadable form

Step 2 - Pay your first year's annual membership fee + $10 joining fee*

  • Waged:  $35 + $10 = $45
  • Passionate:  $65 + $10 = $75 
  • Concession:  $15 + $10 = $25
    (student, unwaged, pensioner)
  • Family:  $50 + $10 = $60
Organisational Members

Step 1 - Complete a membership form:
Fill in our online form
or complete and return the downloadable form

Step 2 - Pay your first year's annual membership fee + $10 joining fee*

  • Organisational:  $70 + $10 = $80
  • Passionate Org:  $110 + $10 = $120
  • Concession Org:  $40 + $10 = $50 
    (ie. local community organisation or group)

* Joining fee: In addition to the annual fee, there is a one-off $10 join-up fee for all members (not payable in subsequent years of membership)


Payment methods


Credit card via Paypal


Use the PayPal payment function on the online Application form





Direct deposit

Pay at your bank branch or
with online banking:

Account name: ARRCC Inc
Account number: 12038597
BSB: 313 140
Bank: BankMECU 

(Please include a reference with your payment and email or post it to us so we can track your payment.)


Cheque or money order

Make your cheque/money order payable to ARRCC Incorporated, and post to: 

ARRCC Incorporated
Level 15, 179 Elizabeth St
Sydney, NSW 2000