Living the Change: Faithful Choices for a Flourishing World

Our generation is the first to start feeling the impacts of climate disruption and the last to be able to do something meaningful about it. One response is Living the Change, a multi-faith global campaign which draws on our spiritual beliefs and values to inspire lifestyle choices which, when aggregated with the actions of others, will help limit global warming.

Today, we know that climate disruption is hurting most those who are already vulnerable, and that Western greed is a large part of the problem. Consumerism tells us we never have “enough”. Living the Change calls on people of faith to lead in a global effort to re-set what is regarded as enough. We want to promote lifestyles of gratitude for life’s blessings, lifestyles of care for the earth and all who depend on it.

Given that close to six billion people globally identify with a religion (Pew Research Center, 2017), the opportunity for these groups to create meaningful change through collective action cannot be ignored.

What are religious people being asked to do? Ordinary people and communities have the power to help keep emissions down and thereby help to protect our common home. Through commitments in diet, transportation, and energy use, Living the Change invites individuals to fortify healthy, balanced relationships that help sustain the earth.

Be part of our workshop and join a globally-connected community of religious and spiritual institutions working together to champion sustainable ways of living.

Free Registration: living-the-change.eventbrite.com.au

Facilitator: Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black | Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), Rabbi at Leo Baeck Centre and member of the Jewish Ecological Coalition (JECO)

ARRCC is a multi-faith, member-based organisation of people from around Australia who are committed to taking action on climate change. We believe that as people dedicated to the common good, inspired by our beliefs and energized by our spirituality, people of all faiths can and should be at the forefront of creating a safe climate. While celebrating the uniqueness of our different traditions, we stand together in working for an ecologically and socially sustainable future. For more information on ‘Living the Change: faithful choices for a flourishing world’ see www.arrcc.org.au/living_the_change

November 18, 2018 at 2:30pm - 4pm
St Albans Community Centre
309C Main Rd E
(Meeting Room 1)
Saint Albans,, Vic 3021
Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black