Make It Work for Worship

Religious centres are not always well-equipped for cycling. But even if you don't have showers or a dedicated bike rack, there is plenty that you can do to encourage your members to cycle to your centre and in daily life. 



Footscray Church of Christ Walk to Worship 2012

Four easy ideas to encourage cycling at your religious centre

  1. Ensure there is a place where cyclists can safely and easily store or lock up their bikes
  2. Tell people in announcements, newsletters and on noticeboards that your religious centre welcomes cyclists
  3. Encourage people who are already cycling to encourage others and perhaps offer to ride together
  4. Let people know if your religious centre has changing and shower facilities that they can use after their ride. 

Ways to encourage cycling in daily life

  • Start a cycling group in your religious community that meets for regular rides
  • Encourage members of your religious community to get involved in Ride to Work or Ride to School activities, or to join in with rides organised by your local bicycle users group or cycling club.
  • Ask your local bicycle user group or club to provide cycling guides, advice and training for new cyclists.

(Below) Preaching on Walk or Ride to Worship Sunday