Why Cycle?

Cycling has a range of benefits. It contributes to a healthy planet, improves physical health and saves you money. Bicycles are a form of transport used and enjoyed by people all over the world – including members of ARRCC.


Health of the planet

Motor vehicles are one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. In urban areas, they are the major source of other air pollutants, and also cause congestion. More than half of car journeys in Australian cities are less than five kilometres – distances that can often be undertaken quite comfortably on a bike.

Cycling instead of driving is one way that we can address the environmental impact of vehicle use. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, other air pollutants and noise, and it also lowers our dependency on oil.

Solidarity with the poor

The poor of our world often have no car. They contribute least to climate change but suffer most from it through environmental disaster including flood and drought. By cycling, you can act in solidarity with the poor by reducing your contribution to climate change.

Physical health

Cycling can significantly improve physical fitness. It is low impact exercise that is great for cardio-vascular health. Exercising is also very important for psychological well-being – it helps us to sleep well, increases concentration and improves wellbeing.

Connect with your neighbours

Cycling is a fun activity that can help us to get to know our local community. It can also be a way to meet people in the local area through participation in local bicycle user groups or cycling clubs.

Financial benefits

Cycling saves money on petrol and parking costs. For people living in the city, cycling may even be quicker than driving for short distances.

ARRCC members explain why they cycle

I cycle because it keeps me fit and healthy. Riding to work in the morning helps clear my head and makes me alert. And then at the end of the day after sitting in an office chair for hours, going for a ride helps me unwind and gets my body moving again. Cycling allows me to experience the changing seasons more directly. It allows me to experience my surrounds in a way that is more engaging than being isolated in a car where you can control everything. Cycling is also a very social sport. You can go for nice long rides through the countryside whilst simultaneously having long conversations with your riding buddies. Not to mention a pit stop at a cafe for further chats over a coffee and cake. Geoff Callaghan

There are many reasons why each of us should cycle. For me, these reasons are amplified by faith since I believe that I have been given life as a gift for which I am responsible. Since cycling has many health benefits, and my Catholic faith encourages good health, faith encourages my cycling. My faith also encourages fasting so I try cycle even when it's not easy - a fast from driving - such as when I travel to and from work. With the introduction of the Opal card for public transport in Sydney, there can be financial benefits too. If I split a commute trip in two with an hour gap to go to Mass in the city, part of my commute can be off peak and I may have an extra trip for my 8 trip weekly cap for the Opal card; after which Opal travel is free! Robert Iacopetta