New GreenPower factsheet

What is GreenPower and how do you switch to it?

Author: Miriam Pepper

What is GreenPower and how do you switch to it?

This fact sheet tells you all about GreenPower, which is government accredited renewable energy. ARRCC encourages householders and communities to switch to GreenPower as a part of their response to climate change. For communities, our Climate Action Kits will give a more complete picture of how it may be possible to respond.

When thinking about GreenPower, we encourage you to continue to keep in mind the importance of reducing your electricity consumption through energy efficiency measures. These measures will decrease the pressure in Australia to generate electricity. It will also save you money which you can then put towards the extra costs associated with using electricity produced from renewable energy sources. Restraining our consumption is also consistent with the teachings of many religious traditions which put much greater value on our relationships with each other and the Earth.

See our fact sheet up-dated in January 2014:

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