Personal letters to MP's are taken seriously - take the time!

Now is a good time to write in the lead-up to Paris. ARRCC provides a template that you can use.


Dear Mr/Ms …..

I am writing to urge your support for Australia to take our fair share of the task of limiting global warming.

 I am sure that you and I share at least one thing in common: We both love our families, whether children, nephews or nieces.

However you can do something that is out of reach for the rest of us. By being in Parliament, you have more of an opportunity to help make this world a safer place for all our families.  

 I am well aware that the powerful fossil fuel lobby donates millions of dollars to election campaigns as well as paying royalties in Australia and bringing in overseas money. That encourages successive governments to support them, to ensure Australia has weak cuts to carbon emissions, and to try to maintain a world market for coal and gas. But I believe you also want a safe country for Australian children to grow up in, and that you care about your role as a steward of this country of ours. So I am asking you to act.

 Please do all you can to promote strong cuts to our carbon pollution; reinvigorate the renewable energy industry so even the poorest of us can have clean energy, and give real help to the poor of this world.

 Doing our fair share internationally to tackle global warming means that Australia needs to put new and substantial amounts of money on the table to finance the UN Green Climate Fund. Our emissions per capita are the highest in the world. Having polluted the atmosphere disproportionately to our population size, we owe a greater ecological debt to our brothers and sisters in developing countries. That’s just fair.

 This money should be in addition to Overseas Development Assistance, because already committed aid should be dedicated to meeting Sustainable Development Goals, while the impact of climate change is a huge additional challenge.

 Knowing what we know now about the impact of global warming on all of us, it is immoral to think in terms of short-sighted narrowly defined self-interest. This is a global crisis and we must play our part fully.

 Please use your influence with the Prime Minister, The Environment Minister and others in Cabinet to create a positive outcome for Australia and the world in Paris. Do it with love for your children and this old country, rich in natural beauty, advising your heart and your politics.

Yours sincerely



Tips for letters:

• Keep your letter brief (1—2 pages maximum).
• Be polite.
• Use the opening paragraph to introduce your key concern, then use dear, relevant and concise information to support your case.
• Use the concluding paragraph to make a clear request for action or pose a key question.
• Sign the letter and print your name, address, fax number, work and home phone numbers.
• Let the recipient know that you are looking forward to their response and keep a copy of your letter.
• Address MPs as Mr/Mrs/Ms Full Name, MP and Senators as Senator Full Name (unless a current or former minister — in which case: The Hon. Full Name, MP or Senator, The Hon. Surname).
• If you do not receive a reply to your letter, call the Parliamentarian’s office and ask for one.

To find your local Member of Parliament search the House of Representatives website.