Resources on Pope Francis' encyclical

Some resources on Pope Francis' encyclical to help you amplify his message.

Pope Francis' encyclical

Released: Thursday, June 18, 2015
Title of Encyclical: “Saudato Sii (Praised Be): On the Care of Our Common Home.”

Here is the link to the encyclical in English.

This is the link to the Vatican's own 6-minute video clip which reflectively captures the main themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tYdOIqvpqg&;feature=youtu.be

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ARRCC's media release is here.

For people who like Twitter, there's Interfaith Power and Light's (USA) Twitter Hashtag: #AllAreCalled

There are also hashtags #encyclical  #LaudatoSi  #popeforplanet  #climatechange 

A papal encyclical is a teaching document in the form of a letter from the pope that discusses a wrong that needs to be addressed. This is a very significant event that will raise the profile of our moral obligation to address climate injustice, and influence the global climate talks in Paris at the end of this year.

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change and people of faith across Australia have been hard at work since 2008 practicing what the Pope is preaching on climate action. We know first-hand that climate change is a moral issue not only for Roman Catholics, but also for people of all the major faith traditions — and people like you are busy putting this belief into action. We are grateful to Pope Francis for amplifying this important message, and we thank you for all that you do.

We welcome this comment on the encyclical from His Eminence, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, The Grand Mufti of Australia:

"Australian Muslims welcome this letter from Pope Francis. We share his concern about our current ecological crisis and the need for urgent action. Protecting the environment is a moral imperative and not acting to address this problem is a form of moral pollution."



Faith Ecology Network has made this film clip available to help you mobilise your own faith community: 


Resources at Catholic Earthcare Australia

Resources at Interfaith Power of Light in the USA

Earth Link, an esteemed organisational member of ARRCC, has prepared this list of resources on the encyclical  after trawling through the material that is coming in.  

 Here is an image about the encyclical, used with permission from Interfaith Power and Light.