What is 'Sacred People, Sacred Earth'?

Sacred People Sacred Earth is the biggest-ever faith-climate justice day of action globally in support of the boldest-ever set of demands from diverse religious partners. Hundreds of local events are being held on 11th March, at 11 am in varying time zones - this is the eleventh hour for action to address the worsening climate emergency.

As a global, multi-faith, grassroots alliance, we stand for equity and compassion for all, and we deplore injustice. We know that we cannot afford to wait for governments and financial institutions to act first; we understand that change starts with us. We are organizing grassroots people of diverse religions in support of a set of demands for climate justice, and we are leading by example.

Here is the statement and bold demands that grassroots faith communities around the world have developed, and we're providing opportunities for people of diverse faiths and spiritualities everywhere to get involved. 

We call for:

  1. 100% clean energy for all - especially the 800 million people in energy poverty
  2. Global finance aligned with compassionate values - in COVID recovery and beyond - for renewable energy and sustainable food systems
  3. Jobs and healthcare for all – necessary support for a just transition for workers and communities currently dependent on fossil fuel industries
  4. Protection of Indigenous rights
  5. Welcome for migrants who are compelled to find new homes because of climate impacts
  6. No more climate pollution - net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in wealthy countries by 2030; accelerated finance/technology transfers for global net zero before 2050
  7. An end to the planet’s desecration - No new fossil fuel exploration or infrastructure, industrial agriculture, or deforestation; no more habitat or biodiversity loss
  8. Elimination of immoral finance - No further financing or COVID bailouts for all fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, or deforestation
  9. Climate reparations from wealthy countries - wealthy countries should provide climate financing and technology transfer
  10. Bold faith community leadership

Aligned with these demands, ARRCC is calling on the Morrison Government to:

  1. A formal commitment from Australia under the Paris Accord to achieving net zero emissions by 2030. It follows that Australia should offer Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’s) that align with this goal. 
  2. The use of post-COVID recovery spending to boost renewable energy and low carbon industries rather than fund a “gas-led recovery”.
  3. Provision of substantial amounts of finance for the UN Green Climate Fund, additional to the aid budget.
  4. Provision of support for an orderly, planned, just transition for communities currently dependent on the coal and gas industries.

We know that grassroots people of faith across the world are organizing for environmental justice and we believe that grassroots communities are ahead of our institutions and denominations in calling for bold climate solutions. That’s why, on March 11, 2021, people of faith across the world took action in support of these demands in a massive, grassroots, multi-faith global day of climate action. 

Diverse religious and spiritual communities in 49 countries carried out 420 actions. 137 of these were held in Australia. You can experience the energy and passion of these actions by watching this short video on Sacred People, Sacred Earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_1coxKJOR8&t=12s