Will you help us reach Australia's largest constituency?

Historically, this is make-or-break time for putting some brakes on global warming, so here at ARRCC we’re rolling our sleeves up. Will you join us?

We bring together diverse people of faith to publicly collaborate on climate change as a moral issue, thus challenging the 70% or so of Australians who identify with a spiritual/faith tradition. Imagine if we could catalyse even a minority of this massive constituency to more fully swing behind protecting the earth! This is what we plan to do in 2017, but we can't do it without your help. Please think about making a donation of $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can.

Here’s a snapshot of where we are right now. Australia is one of the worst performers globally on climate action. Just before Christmas, the Government finally released the nation’s Greenhouse Inventory figures showing our emissions rose to June by 0.8 per cent![i] Not only are we one of the highest emitters per capita, with about the lowest targets for reducing emissions, but our emissions are rising and we’re about the biggest drug pushers of coal and gas to the rest of the world!

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is in a unique position to change this. But we can’t do it without your help. Please think about making a donation.

That’s why ARRCC is has bigger plans than ever for this year. We’re building a groundswell of people of faith who share a life-affirming vision for the earth’s future in the context of, not just inter-religious tolerance, but inter-religious solidarity.  We don’t need to convince everyone. We just need to convince enough people to tip the balance.

Our plans include:

  • Driving a faith-based push for the declaration of a Climate Emergency
  • Participating in faith sector-led petition for ambitious climate policies across 150 House of Representatives electorates, with potentially several hundred thousand signatures
  • Holding our first national Conference in Canberra on September, followed by visits to MP’s and Senators
  • Participating in acts of civil resistance, particularly at sites where Aboriginal rights are under threat
  • Continuing expansion of our Eat Less Meat campaign 

We will need your help to make these efforts successful. Will you donate to make success possible?

If you can’t donate, could you share this call for donations on social media, or forward this e-mail to your friends?

Will you join our actions? Keep a look-out for our newsletters, which will start inviting you to participate in some opportunities to take action soon.

Ever onwards!

Thea Ormerod (President, ARRCC)


[i] See the report on ABC online news.