Resisting Repression

Nicola Paris has championed civil resistance for many years on very few resources, through the organisation she founded called CounterAct. Through hundreds of training sessions and publicly available resources, thousands of climate activists have directly or indirectly benefited from her expertise.

You are invited to a session called Resisting Repression (Facebook link). Nicola is having to wind up CounterAct for a bunch of reasons and wants to ‘hand-over’ what she knows to others. The session is on Monday 30 Oct, 6 – 8.30 pm in the Community Room at Pilgrim House, level 2 at 262 Pitt St, Sydney, next door to Pitt Street Uniting Church. If you’re not on Facebook, the content of the workshop is below. 

Repression: what’s been happening, where are we headed, and how to fight back

We have seen a sharp increase escalation in repression of climate activists and others in recent years across the continent

Join us for an interactive workshop from 6:30-830PM outlining

  • Overall map of repression trends
    • Assessing your personal and group risk
    • Risk management and staying safer
    • Security culture and digital privacy tips
    • What support structures can help us?

Nicola Paris, from CounterAct has been watching repression activity over the last 20 years, both inside and outside poltitical systems and is finalising her time and winding up the organisation - she's keen to pass on some of what she has seen and learned. This will be the last workshop on Gadigal lands in conjunction with local activists

From media rhetoric, to police harassment, from punitive bail conditions to legislation to six jail sentences received by nonviolent climate activists in the last two years - its been a lot.

We'll discuss what activists are experiencing on ground, ways we can support each other and the type of movement infrastructure that can help us stay safer - including activist legal support, the Protect Protest collaboration, and security culture tips for activists

Entry: Free, donations welcome

We will be setting up registrations, and requesting people bring and wear N95 masks for reasons of safety and disability justice.

The event is taking place on unceded Gadigal lands. We pay respects to Traditional Custodians and all First Nations people who are resisting the racism of Australia


October 30, 2023 at 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Community Room, Pilgrim House