Big Solar Switch for faith communities

There’s never been a better time for faith communities and faith-based organisations to install solar capacity on available rooftops. It’s affordable, pays itself off in 4 – 5 years, and helps address the urgent need for action.

Why not encourage your community to participate in “Living the Change” by taking up ARRCC’s offer to link you with trusted partners and not-for-profits, the Community Buying Group and the Moreland Energy Foundation. Wherever you are in Australia, your community could take part in the “Big Solar Switch” (bigsolarswitch.org) as a demonstration of their commitment to a flourishing world.

The Big Solar Switch has been developed exclusively for not-for-profit sector and uses the strength of aggregate purchasing to reduce the cost of installing PV with trustworthy providers. One of the key target groups is religious organisations.


Caloundra Church of Christ, Queensland

ARRCC is planning webinars for faith leaders and community advocates about why and how communities can be involved in the Big Solar Switch. We’d like to see solar installed on as many religious sites as possible throughout Australia, and for this to be a witness to the religious community’s understanding of the urgency of the need to transition towards 100% renewable energy.

Finally, ARRCC would like to share the stories of faith communities going solar with the wider community, and to celebrate the ways in which these efforts contribute to a safer climate.

Promotional materials and details of webinars will soon be available.

Register your interest by e-mailing info@arrcc.org.au.


Masjid Al Hidayah Mosque, Rockdale, NSW



Caloundra Uniting Church, Queensland