personal testimonies for Living the Change

Anglican testimony

Fr Peter Moore is a priest in the Anglican tradition as well as a climate activist. He may be humble and gently spoken, but there's plenty of fire in the belly! At the time of writing, he is the Chair Angligreen, Deputy Chair Queensland Churches Environmental Network and a Climate Reality Leader after training with Al Gore. 

Buddhist testimony - Dharmacari Arthacarya

Arthacarya is ordained in the Triratna Buddhist Order. He is passionate about climate action at every level, personal, community and societal. He lives with his young family in a community north of metropolitan Sydney where everyone strives for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Christian testimony - Dr Miriam Pepper

Miriam lives about the most climate-conserving lifestyle of anyone I know. In this account, Miriam lets us know what steps she has taken and how she has managed to accomplish them, as well as the co-benefits she has enjoyed. Miriam's story is inspirational - dip in and see!

Thea Ormerod

testimony of Lunda Vincente

Lunda Vincente wrote to Archbishop Philip Freier who shared his story with ARRCC. Lunda is a Congolese man in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe. He had to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo because of the violence that killed most of his family. That conflict is over resources. I was moved by his letter because, in spite of unimaginable loss, injustice and suffering, Lunda has found the strength to dedicate himself to protecting the environment.


Aunty Rose's testimony

Testimony of Aunty Togiab McRose Elu (known as Aunty Rose)

Aunty Rose is a Torres Strait Islander, and works for Anglicare in Brisbane as a family support counsellor. She lives very simply, for example, mostly uses public transport. Aunty Rose is also an advocate for government policies which would have Australia shift away from our dependence on coal to renewable energy.

Claire's testimony

Claire Dawson is a Christian working to develop an intentional community. Together with another family, her family has embarked upon the establishment of an 8-dwelling co-housing community on the suburban fringe of Melbourne (Victoria). They hope to become less car dependent, to share more things, to bulk purchase organic or local foods, minimise waste, generate much of their own solar power and learn and grow together. We can put you in touch with Claire if you'd like to explore involvement: there are currently a couple of units still available! 

Christian testimony - Tom Delaney

Tom (21) was born and raised in North India, where his parents, inspired by their Christian faith, have sought to live in and serve urban poor communities. He is currently living in Lucknow, working for an Indian not-for-profit teaching children Hindi literacy. He and his dad, Mark, recently wrote a book - Low Carbon and Loving It – about climate change and their experiences in India and Australia.

Muslim testimony

Dr Daud Batchelor is a Sheikh and Committee Member for the Brisbane Muslim Fellowship, Australia. He is a devout Muslim who has a deep love of the Qur'an, and an active concern for environmental issues.

1. How does your faith describe the relationship with earth/ creation/ all beings?

All creation celebrates God’s glory showing the unity of creation. We should therefore approach Nature as being Sacred, show it respect and nurture it, especially as Adam, and we as his descendants, were appointed as God’s stewards (khulafa) to protect the earth.